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Eventide PitchFactor Featured

Gives you 10 signature effects for maximum tonal tweaking. - - Eventide - - The PitchFactor Harmonizer pedal gives you Eventide's 10 best pitch-changing effects from the past 36 years without compromising quality or flexibility. This plug-and-play expression pedal gives you control over the wet/dry mix or any combination of parameters. Control program changes and vary parameters continuously via MIDI. The Pitchfactor Harmonizer supports instrument or line-level inputs and outputs. - - The Eventide PitchFactor plays well with others and adapts seamlessly with a wide variety of amps and other foot pedals. The Eventide PitchFactor Harmonizer Pedal is also easy to upgrade'you can download new software from the internet and install via USB.

Price: $9 to $469 at 19 stores
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Eventide PitchFactor

Ease Of Use The unit is extremely easy to use once you become familiar with the layout of the pedal. Editing patches on the Pitchfactor is a breeze thanks to the user friendly layout of the controls. With version 3.0 and forward, the pedal is able to scroll preset names for the user's convenience. The instruction manual is pretty descriptive and walks the user on how to setup the pedal with various types of rigs. Currently, the latest firmware from Eventide is 3.5 and it is super easy to upgrade. A user has to register his/her Pitchfactor with Eventide and create a user account in order to update any of the Factor series of pedals.

Sound I'm using my Strats and JS's to play through the Pitchfactor along with a Peavey JSX Combo. Since the Pitchfactor has more than one effect (algorithm), there are various sounds one can come up with per bank. Although most people know this, it's worth mentioning that the Pitchfactor can only do one algorithm per bank (that's how all Factor pedals are designed).

Reliability The pedal has never broken and I know a few people that gig with their Factors without any problems.

Customer Support I haven't had to deal with Eventide for support yet.

Liked about it Liked About It:

the top three things I liked about the Modfactor are:

1. Construction
2. Flexibility of inputs/outputs
3. Midi capabilities

Didn't like I wish all the factor pedals would allow the user to do 3 things:

1. Allow the user to re-arrange the functions of the three buttons so the user could decide what he/she wanted to have the switches do.

2. Allow the user to select a default effect when the unit was toggled into "Play" mode. For example, if I was playing a diatonic effect in bank 28:1 and i switched to "Play" mode, I would like the default effect to be the crystals effect.

3. I would like it if it were possible to have the patch name to be on at all times on the display, instead of having it scrolled once when you switched banks and then have the bank number be displayed by default.

Aside from that, I wish Eventide would update their FactorLib software to work with the latest firmware release.

Overall satisfaction:

By jb4674
May 01, 2012
Last updated: May 03, 2012
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Price: $9 to $469
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at 19 stores

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