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Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor CB

The Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor is now available to the masses. The redesigned pcb isn't the only difference though. The Forest Green Compressor CB features a re-designed Tone control that now gives transparent response at 12 o'clock allowing the user to increase or roll off the treble content unlike the hand-made version. The CB version also has eschewed...

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Outstanding quality

Ease Of Use This is the factory built version of Mad Professors Forest Green

compressor. All components used as well as the assembly is top of the

line and the result is a (relative) wallet friendly compressor pedal

that gives you easily adjustable compression and sustain with minimal

Out of the box, the Forest Green comes with a pedal shaped leaflet with

short instructions and the pedal itself.
The four knobs are Level, Sustain/Compression switch, Tone and

Adjust the Level knob in compression mode for overall level (meaning

the pedal can also be used as a volume boost). In sustain mode the

level knob only applies to the sustained parts.
Next is the Sustain/Compressor know. This is a two way switch on the

hand wired model, but on the factory built version Mad Professor

decided to use a more durable solution. Flick the knob to the laft for

sustain mode and to the right for compression mode.
The Tone knob is also quite simple. Left at 12 o'clock it leaves your

tone neutral. Counter clock-wise boosts the bass and clock-wise

enhances the treble.
Last of the four knobs is marked Compression. In compression mode this

is where you set the amount of compression, or sustain when chosen with

the before mentioned knob. Also here quite intuitive - less = less and

more = more.

The Forest Green has true bypass, jack in and out, 9v center negative

power in or battery and a yellow LED light indicating when on.

The Forest Green works with bass as well as guitars.

Sound From ├╝ber-tight compression to Spinal Tap-esque long sustain - and

every shade in between - is to be pulled out the Forest Green.
As with other Mad Professor pedals I've tried, the Forest Green is

touch sensitive and responds well to your playing. It is also a very

quiet compressor, you will hardly notice it is on, if at all.
Musically it fits most genres - country artists will probably love it

more than anyone else - but also for ambient music as well as metal,

pop and rock (and surely other genres too), the Forest Green has the

qualities to justify it's purpose and its price tag.

Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor (video)

Reliability Solid in every single way.
Sturdy metal housing, silent switching and no issues whatsoever.

Customer Support No experience with Mad Professor.

Liked about it - The tone
- Virtually noise free
- Ease of use

Didn't like - Still haven't found anything negative to mention.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Dec 13, 2011
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Price: $120 to $120
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