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ISP Technologies Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal Featured

The Decimator guitar pedal offers a new approach to noise reduction processing. Most noise suppression systems suffer from one major problem inherent in their design: The system cannot be immediately responsive to very short-term staccato notes. The typical downward expander sound reduction system suffers from a dead zone in the release response characteristic that...

Price: $83 to $140 at 6 stores
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Best noise supressor I have ever used featured

Ease Of Use This is probably the easiest pedal I have ever used in my life. There is one knob that controls the threshold and that is it. I had previously owned and used a Boss NS-2 pedal that did the same thing, but it was more complex getting the two knobs set just right. With the Decimator, it is very easy to eliminate the bad sounds that plague your tone. I never had to read the manual at all, and I doubt anyone will. I recommend every guitarist to give this pedal a shot.

Sound My main guitar/ amp setup is a Gibson Les Paul with 490R/ 498T humbuckers through an Egnater Mod 50 with the Bassman and SL2 modules. I use Marshall and Mesa 4x12 cabs. Well, this pedal omits no sound of its own, but it isn't supposed to. It is meant to get rid of hum and unwanted noise in your guitar tone; it absolutely excels at this. It really is almost magical how the noise all of the sudden disappears. I remember being absolutely blown away the first time I turned it on. Best of all, it is as far as I can hear, virtually transparent. I detect ZERO change in my guitar tone, which is awesome. It is the first noise suppressor pedal that I have tried that doesn't alter your tone. Really just amazing. A lot of noise suppressor pedals will also cut off some of your sustain depending on how quiet your notes are. I don't think any noise gate type of pedal is immune to that, but the Decimator does a great job of not doing it. I really can't say enough about this pedal. I would never gig without it.

Reliability So far it seems to be very reliable. It is in a Boss style stompbox with a chrome or chrome-like finish.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them

Liked about it Transparent!
Amazing noise reduction
Shiny chrome case

Didn't like Isn't perfect, but is pretty close
Somewhat expensive for a noise gate (but worth it!)
It is a little heavy (but who cares, I just couldn't think of any more cons)

Overall satisfaction:

By Severinsteelsmit
Nov 30, 2009
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Price: $83 to $140
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at 6 stores

Easiest and best bang for the buck

Ease Of Use I have not found a noise suppressor that works as well
with less effort than this one.

Sound Once you get it set right which takes about 30 seconds you forget it's even there.
I saw a lot of hype on these when they came out and thought it was BS because others I
had tried either effected my tone or didn't work. This one works extremely well and has
little to no effect on tone, I did a back to back comparison with an NS2 and it took a
lot of effort to get the NS2 to sound close to this one (transparent and still functional).

Reliability Built like a tank, I've seen that phrase a lot but I can't remember ever using it before now. This thing is a beast so no backup is needed.

Customer Support I have never used them and other than an add on myspace haven't contacted them in any way
since it wasn't needed.

Liked about it Works amazing to the point that I still have trouble believing is possible,
turn the knob up till the noise is eliminated almost completely and you're done which
makes for a quick setup in a place with bad power.

Didn't like There is not anything about this pedal I don't like, I can see where a guy running a noisy guitar, effects loop or amp might need more, then I'd suggest getting the G String version.

Overall satisfaction:

By ChrisPcritter
Nov 25, 2010
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Price: $83 to $140
Compare Prices
at 6 stores

You get what you pay for, in a good way!

Ease Of Use Boss style pedal with a single knob makes it super easy to use. It's a simple as strumming a chord or hitting a single note, turning the knob until it chokes out the sound, and then back it off a bit. Done deal!

Sound I use this as the last pedal in the effects loop of my Peavey Valveking 112. Without the pedal my setup is noisy on the distortion channel. I didn't notice any sound "discoloration" either.

Reliability I don't gig, but I would use it with no backup. Use with a power supply because this will go through batteries quick.

Customer Support never had to deal with them

Liked about it -easy to use
-worked great for my noisy setup
-built like a tank
-chrome finish

Didn't like -chokes out the signal when switching from dirty to clean channels. I have to turn it off when I play on the clean channel.
-knob can't be locked in place, so be careful if you got big feet.
-short battery life (depends more-so on what/how you play and your rig requirements)
-a little pricey

Overall satisfaction:

By silverctr
Jul 26, 2012
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Price: $83 to $140
Compare Prices
at 6 stores

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