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Ibanez BB9 Big Bottom Boost

"The Ibanez BB9 is a booster that provides a fat bottom end with a powerful sound, perfect for the player who wants to push their amp into overdrive without losing any of their low-end. This pedal is designed to help clean tones reverberate even more and bring more intensity to a player's sound. Combine it with a distortion pedal to create of a wide variety of tone...

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Best booster on the market--with an added surprise!

Ease Of Use Again--typical Ibanez 9 series. Controls are obvious and placed for easy adjustment. The footswitch is the heavy-duty Ibanez 9-series metal plate. Simple in and out jacks. I'll always love the Ibanez 9-series battery compartments, too--just pop off the cover plate.

Sound Jeeez--this thing breathes new life into any rig! It's just as advertised--a bottom booster. I've tried it with every guitar I own: Ibanez Jems, Premium, RG series, Destroyer, Iceman, etc--all equipped with different pickups. This baby sweetly boosted the bottom end of every one of them. Thing the Tone Zone has some hefty bottom end? Try one with a BB9!!! Not only does this greatly boost your bottom end, but also add some grit to your tone. The best way to describe it is to imagine a cross between an BBE Sonic Maximizer with the Lo-Contour control and combine it with an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer. Yes--I'm serious!

Reliability All Ibanez 9-series are built like tanks. There's a reason you can still find old, original 9-series in great working order. Ibanez knew what they were doing when they designed these.

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Liked about it The very heavy bottom end boost this thing adds to ALL of my guitars. I also like the extra grit it provides with the gain knob turned all the way up. This pedal also adds a little sparkle to my tone.

Didn't like Nothing!

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By AlaskaBat
Sep 17, 2011
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