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Ibanez PDD-1 Delay Pedal

Ibanez PDD1 fully progamable Delay pedal..

Price: $86 to $117 at 2 stores
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Ibanez DCP PDD1 Delay pedal "out of this world" featured

Ease Of Use This thing is amazing, its not just a standard pedal, it's alot more then that, alot more. The DCP acronym stands for Digitally Controlled Processor. With the ability to program patches within banks, means you can set many different types of delay settings within the one pedal. Takes a quick read of the manual and some playing around, but the digital buttons are responsive and on screen software is user friendly, considering this pedal is from the mid 80's.

Sound Best quality Delays you will find in a pedal. Clean delay, and multiple delay settings allows for some amazing sounds. Santana is probably the most famous of users of this series of pedals, and if its good enough for him, then its good enough for you :P

Reliability As with all my recent effects pedal aquisitions, this was an untouched, unused and un opened pedal. As soon as I plugged it in, the lights came on and the digital screen appeared. Obviously built as a serious pedal for serious musicians, I would rely on this pedal for its great delays.

Liked about it Obviously the ability to program user patches, and its amazing array of delay settings and sounds is what I like. Big bright L.E.D. light lets you know which number patch your on, so you know which delay setting you will be getting. Probably the only pedal that comes with a power adapter, is a huge plus. With the ability of midi controlability, buying all the pedals in this series and hooking them all up to a midi controller, is a cool feature.

Didn't like The biggest issue I have with this pedal is the digital screen is not backlit. This would make this pedal unbeatable, and I wonder how easy it might be to add this feature to the pedal with some clever soldering.

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By IbanezFreak777
Oct 27, 2009
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Price: $86 to $117
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