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Ibanez PDM1 Modulation Delay

Ibanez DCP PDM1 Modulation Delay, Delay and modulation effects in one awesome pedal

Price: $123 to $138 at 2 stores
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Ibanez PDM1 Modulation and Delay in one "fully sic featured

Ease Of Use This is a full feature packed pedal, and easy is not the word for using this pedal. However, once you have programmed the pedal with all the sounds you need for your live gig, this pedal is better then any delay or modulation pedal I have ever come across. Delay plus effects like flange, phaser, reflection, doubling, deep chorus and the likes, its full of fun for the whole family.

Sound The ability to use all the effects it packs in one patch means you can really have the best of a few worlds in one tasty pedal. The modulation and delays are of top notch quality, and is a real pleasure to use and play with.

Reliability Worked straight out of the box, and first time its been plugged in since 1986. Although the pedal is made out of hard plastic, the pedal looks and feels real tough, so I would definatly use this in a live situation, because of its ability to set different patches.

Customer Support I did email Ibanez to find out some information but they couldn't really help me as the pedal is many many years old.

Liked about it The fact it can allow the user to create many patches with different delays, choruses, flanges etc.. is awesome in such a small package. It has the ability to connect to a midi type foot controller which connect via a sedi connection, and comes with a power adpater. On screen digital display means you can refer to all aspects of all the effects settings.

Didn't like No backlit screen means difficult time in editing settings during live performance. No 9v battery can be used, which is probably why it comes with an adapter. I assume the complexity of this pedla, means that a 9v battery might not last very long and to keep the size of the pedal down they removed the battery feature.

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By IbanezFreak777
Oct 27, 2009
Last updated: January 25, 2010
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Price: $123 to $138
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at 2 stores

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