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Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver Pedal Featured

The Ibanez JD9 produces a unique sound reminiscent of a high-grade, handcrafted effects pedal. From piercing distortion to the warm crunch of a tube amp, this pedal features a wide variety of drive control options. The mid control is capable of producing a vast range of sounds from American hard rock to British heavy metal. The pedal is also designed with True Bypass t... SPECS - Level, Drive, Tone, Mid Controls - Mid Control (750Hz) - True Bypass Switching - High Intensity LED - Input impedance 500K ohms - Output impedance 10K ohms - Maximum Gain + 50 dB - Equivaient Input Noise '100 dBm (IHF-A) - Power Supply One 9 Volt Battery or external AC adaptor (9V) - Size 4.9(D) × 3(W) × 2(H)inch - Weight 1.3 lbs

Price: $55 to $85 at 5 stores
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Nice distortion--similar to the TS9, but with more bite. featured

Ease Of Use Just like all of the other pedals--it's got a simple control layout: Footswitch, Drive, Volume, Mid and Tone controls. I've always loved the fact that Ibanez uses 5mm LEDs for indication rather than the tiny 3mm LEDs that other manufacturers use. Simple operation, too--just plug in, dial in and let 'er rip!

Sound For this review, I used my Ibanez Roadstar II Pro540 Power with stock IBZ/USA pickups. I did not record the clip with an amp--I rand the guitar straight into the pedal, then the pedal into my multitrack recorder. I used no amp modelling or other effects either. In the video review, I tweak the controls into various positions to demonstrate the tones you can squeeze out of this little jewel. At first, I thought it was going to be an overdrive pedal, but was pleasantly surprised to find it to be more of a distortion--something the Ibanez 9-series has lacked for many years. While it's not an all-out, high-gain distortion circuit, it still provides some nice and heavy chunk and crunch. If you back the drive off a bit, then you're back into Tube Screamer territory.

Ibanez JD9 demo and review (video)

Reliability I can always depend on Ibanez pedals to last for eons, and this one is no exception. It's housed in a sturdy metal enclosure with a heavy duty footswitch. I'd take this with me to gigs without any worries whether or not it would fail me--it won't!

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Liked about it 1. I loved the surprise of discovering this pedal to be in distortion territory, rather than the assumed overdrive. I liked to be able to crank some 80's metal on this with no problems. It's also nice that when I back the drive off--I get a Tube Screamer flavor.
2. Still love the 5mm LEDs that Ibanez puts in the 9-series pedals.
3. The sparkle red finish is pretty cool, too. Just something different than the usual pedal colors.

Didn't like The only suggestion, not a complaint at all, would be to add a toggle switch to be able to go from full on distortion then switch back to overdrive mode. It's certainly not a deal breaker, and I'll probably end up adding the toggle myself anyway.

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By AlaskaBat
Dec 09, 2011
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Price: $55 to $85
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