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Ibanez PH10 BI-MODE Phaser

Ibanez PH10 BI-MODE PHASER in a lovely samon pink metal color :P The Ibanez PH10 Phase Shifter is the phase shifter of the '80s. It features a mode selector that allows you to go from a six stage phase shift to a ten stage phase shift. This is a considerable advantage when you realize that most phase shifters only use a four stage phase shift. The PH10 also features...

Price: $53 to $92 at 5 stores
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Phase in phase out, thats what this pedal is all a

Ease Of Use At first look you see 3 knobs Speed, Width, Feedback, and a switch. The switch is where you can select which phaser mode you want 6 stage phaser or a 10 stage. Its easy enough to get a good phaser sound out of it, and the quality of this particular phaser is very good indeed.

Sound Plugging into my Mesa nomad 100 and used in conjunction with a Boss Metal Core distortion, really gives the phaser a nice voice. Grange of sound and with the switch of modes, there are many different variations of the phaser sound you can dial in.

Reliability Its in a brand new mint state and worked right out of the box. I would use this for a gig as its a solid sounding phaser easy to use and tweak, and tough, so stepping on it should be fine.

Liked about it Considering its 80's built, the pedal works well, the knobs dont crackle when turned, and the metal housing is solid. Love the color and the matte finish.

Didn't like Again with the power series pedals from Ibanez the actual pedal is from plastic and the housing is from metal, so this would be better all in metal.

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By IbanezFreak777
Oct 25, 2009
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Price: $53 to $92
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