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Ibanez Power Series DPL10 Digital Pan Delay

Ibanez Power Series DPL10 Digital Pan Delay direct from early 80's

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Ibanez Digital Pan Delay, it goes on and on and on

Ease Of Use With only 3 knobs Pan D.Time, Repeat and D.Level its kind of hard to bugger this up. A few seconds of tweaking gets you what your looking for. Of course it has the usual LED light to tell you when the pedal is activated or not..

Sound The sound quality is fine, and as far as my ears can tell, the delay is of good quality. The range of delay time in mono is 140ms to 800ms and stereo 70ms to 400ms bandwidth 7khz. With the ability of stereo you are able to get an interesting sound field.

Reliability The pedal is being reviewd in a brand new mint condition state. Never opened and has been sitting in its box since the mid 80's, this pedal worked right out of the box first time. So thats a good sign of a quality build.

Liked about it I love the Ibanez power series color choice in pedals, and although thats not an important factor, it is to me. It's housed in a nice deep blue hard metal case shell, with a hard plastic pedal to depress, which seems fairly sturdy. Battery compartment is easy enough to get to. Overall its a nice pedal and would make a great addition to any pedal freak's collection. "Let the pedal hopping begin"

Didn't like Unlike Boss's pedals, which are all made from metal, pedal button included, I would think Ibanez needed to do the same thing. Which they did in their new series of Tone Lok pedals.. Also it would be nice to have a slightly longer delay with this pedal, maybe 1 sec at least.

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By IbanezFreak777
Oct 25, 2009
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