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Ibanez Session Man 20 Distortion/Delay

Ibanez Power Series pedal from the 80's which has distortion and delay in the one.

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Ibanez power series Session Man II SS20 Distorti featured

Ease Of Use This one is a little difficult to dial in a good sound. Its an 80's pedal, which uses distortion and delay in the one pedal. At first play the sound is weird and when you turn the delay settings and play the guitar you get some weird alien sounds. A good read of the manual is important, and the fact that there are 2 more delay controls hidden in the battery compartment, you really need to experiement.

Sound Of course I only test my effects with the equipment I own, and thats one of my Ibanez guitars, and my Mesa nomad. The name of this pedal says it all Session man. Its distortion is nothing to write home about, and is good for rock, blues, and pop. While the delay isn't the longest around, but adds to the sound and once experiemented with can give you some nice and interesting tones. After all being different has its advantages, and this pedal is like nothing I have ever used.

Reliability The Ibanez Power series pedals in new condition seem to work well even after years of storage, but I have seen a few used ones that end up having on/off switch issues. Being the smart boy I am, I have a few spare switches that fit this series of pedals, and a quick solder and replacement job brings the pedal back to life.

Being the practical guy that I am, I can't say I would ever use this pedal live, unless it was a mint one.

Customer Support I find that emailing Ibanez or calling them is a good experience, but they seem to lack workers who really know in depth about the Ibanez catalogue of equipment. Its always the same, let me do some research and I will get back to you on that. Sometimes that can be weeks...

Liked about it Once the desired sound is found, its a fun pedal to use, and the fact that its two effects in one, means that its one less pedal to hop to. The Ibanez power series pedals all seem to have fun 80's bright colors, and this one pink/purple doesn't dissapoint

Didn't like Whoever designed this pedal must have forgotten two of the delay knobs and decided at the last minute to add them to the circuit board, located in the battery compartment through a hole. You need a phillips head screw driver just to use tweek it not a cleaver design at all.

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By IbanezFreak777
Oct 23, 2009
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