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Ibanez WH10 Wah Pedal

The wah-wah pedal has a long and distinguished history. This is a truly classic effect that controls the timbre of instrument sounds, making it one of the most important tools of many guitarists. The reason for this continued popularity is to be found in the wah-wah's unique capability of letting the player express himself directly in the quality of the effect sound...

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Ibanez WH10 Wah Pedal... one of the best around...

Ease Of Use This thing has to be one of the best wah pedals I have ever used, hands down. No tweaking needed, you just plug and play.

Sound Plugged into a Mesa Nomad 100 and played in conjunction with a Boss metal core distortion pedal.
Depth knob lets you dial in how much of a wah you want, and you can select for guitar or bass. Has Input output and dry output.

Reliability It seems like a simple design in a hard plastic and metal bottom. Considering this is a pedal from the 80's and has never been used, it worked the first time I plugged it in, like it was built yesterday.. very reliable..

Liked about it I like the simplicity of the pedal, and the way it feels underneath your foot. It seems to have a good range of motion letting your really feel the wah with your feet.

Didn't like Because this is a Dead mint never used pedal from the 80's, I cant really find fault with it because it is old technology, but maybe it should have been built out of metal and not plastic, as its going to be stepped on by multiple times...

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By IbanezFreak777
Oct 22, 2009
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