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Ibanez BS10 Bass Stack

Ibanez power series BS10 Bass Stack "Distortion for bass guitars"

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Distortion for Bass Guitars ? "Who would have thun

Ease Of Use With three knobs, Drive, Tone, Level, your well on your way to a good sound. Not much brain surgery there. Wax on wax off as far as the pedal goes, and the red led light shows you when the effect is on or off. Battery compartment is easy to get to but I always suggest using a power supply.

Sound Using it on a bass guitar, the pedal really reduces the over powering bass that can sometimes consume a band. It gives the bass a subtle overdrive, allowing bass lines to be more defined. Of course this pedal doesn't just work for bass guitars. Plug in your electric guitar and you will find a subtle fuzz type of distortion. Many will like it if they are into experimenting with pedals, and the sound quality is fine for low distortion requirements.

Reliability Eighties technology, with a tough metal shell, and works straight out of the box, after never being used or opened since the mid 80's this unit shows it's built to last.

Liked about it Funky 80's style design is always a nice addition to any pedal mad collector, and the fact that it can be used for both Bass and Guitar, is a plus.Ibanez are known for their quality effects, and this pedal is no difference.

Didn't like Not much against this pedal, but there is a lack of distortion for my liking when plugged into a 6 string guitar, but then again it is designed for bass players.

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By IbanezFreak777
Oct 27, 2009
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