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JHS Pedals Angry Charlie "Channel Drive"

JHS Pedals is a real boutique pedal company and this is the "Angry Charlie Channel Drive" pedal.

Price: $87 to $159 at 6 stores
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JHS "Angry Charlie Channel Drive"

Ease Of Use It is very easy to use.
1 switch and 4 knobs...pretty simple.
Dial in your tone and drive it on home.
Plug in your guitar and turn on your amp. When you need that extra distorted drive, step on it!

Sound We are convinced that this may be one of the best 'brown sound' pedals out there.

Just like its big brother Charlie Brown, the Angry Charlie is versatile, well rounded and full of tone but one thing sets them apart. This ones a little more Angry' If you want high gain Marshall tones reminiscent of a JCM-800, than this is the pedal for you.

The gain knob has an unbelievable range of overdrive to head-on heavy grind and the tone knob actually has a solid range unlike many distortions on the market. The additional presence knob adds a versatility and tweaking ability that transforms any amp into a fire breathing monster!

"Because I have searched for the 'Brown Sound' for almost 5 years, I wasn't expecting what happened when I plugged into this pedal... Needless to say, the Angry Charlie now has a permanent spot on my board and my search is over. I Just sold my other 'so called' Marshall tone pedals to fund more JHS! I am a believer!"

JHS Pedals "Angry Charlie" Distortion Pedal (video)

Reliability High end circuitry and an all metal case is just what the doctor ordered! I would gig with only this pedal if I was needing that "Distorted" push.

Customer Support Top notch support. Fast and friendly service is to be had when you need it.

Liked about it #1. TONE! Watch the video attached and you be the judge.
#2. Craftsmanship. These are real boutique pedals and it shows.
#3. Looks. These pedals look great. Flawless design.

Didn't like You just might fall in love with these pedals like I did.

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By milkywayslipnsli
Aug 23, 2010
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Price: $87 to $159
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at 6 stores

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