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Joyo JF-33 Analog Delay Featured

The JF33 emulates the smooth and warm output of classic analog delay devices. Time, Repeat and Mix controls allow you to shape the delay signal to your requirement, from 50's rockabilly slapback to almost endless to full feedback. Built like a tank and featuring true bypass circuitry this has to be the best value for money delay pedal there is!

Price: $20 to $37 at 18 stores
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True bypass delay under $70

Ease Of Use Simple 3 knob layout to adjust for delay time, repeat, and mix (wet/dry signal). Easy to get a decent slapback sound or the dreamy Petrucci solo delay. I would even call this a clone of the MXR Carbon Copy minus the little oscillation button at the top.

Sounds killer through both dirty and clean channels. No tone discoloration either; its transparent, at least to my ears.

Battery access is cumbersome since you have to remove the back of the pedal to get to the battery. Better stick with external power on this one.

Word of caution, don't turn the repeat knob past 3 o'clock or you get some wicked feedback. Also if you want something with a tap tempo setting, this is not the pedal for you.

Sound I have this pedal in the effects loop of my Peavey Valveking 112 and used both my RG520 with CL/LF pickups and SZ720 with a PAF Joe/MoJoe setup. Being able to mix the wet/dry signal allows for different tones on either of the clean or dirty channels. I get a killer clean sound using this with heavy chorus, seems almost liquid (as if that was an aural quality).

Reliability Solid aluminum housing can take a beating. I'd gig it without a backup, but I'd stick a fresh battery in there prior to the gig just for peace of mind.

Customer Support Haven't had any issues.

Liked about it -price (compared to similar delay pedals)
-simple but versatile
-analog (no preset delay times as found on most digital delays)
-solid construction

Didn't like -no battery door
-nasty feedback when you turn the repeat knob past 3 o'clock
-no tap tempo setting

Overall satisfaction:

By silverctr
Sep 19, 2012
Last updated: October 04, 2012
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Price: $20 to $37
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at 18 stores

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