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Keeley Boss TR-2 Tremolo

Boss makes a great Tremolo pedal, the TR-2. We have more than solved the volume drop "problem," we've upgraded the audio circuitry and improved the response. We also have reduced unwanted distortions and noise. Now the pedal can even be used as a CLEAN BOOST! Read on, tremolo fans, for the KING OF TREMOLO MODS!

Price: $79 to $135 at 9 stores
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My favorite tremolo pedal! featured

Ease Of Use This is a very easy pedal to use, and more importantly, an easy pedal to make sound great. An un-modded Boss TR-2 is a good tremolo pedal but there is an audible volume drop when you engage it. Keeley has added a volume control which makes the pedal much more usable and adjustable. The other controls are wave and rate, which are pretty self explanatory. You just need to spend a little time with it, mess with the knobs, and you are on your way to tremolo heaven!

Sound My main guitar/ amp setup is a Gibson Les Paul with 490R/ 498T humbuckers and an Eric Johnson Strat with EJ pickups through an Egnater Mod 50 with the Bassman and SL2 modules. I play metal and jazz styles. I also compose film scores. This is a very nice tremolo pedal. It has an excellent transparent tremolo sound that doesn't mess with your tone. To me, keeping your tone intact is the most important aspect of a guitar effect, unless it isn't supposed to. You can go from a nice subtle buttery pulse to a choppy stutter. It is extremely versatile. I do not detect any noise or ill effects of the TR-2 being engaged. I guess the most common or stylistic use of a tremolo pedal is the country and western genres; this pedal would work great for those. Also, you can use this as a excellent clean boost if you just turn down the depth and crank the volume.

Reliability As you guys know, Boss pedals are very reliable, and I am sure Keeley has made it more reliable by putting in superior components.

Customer Support Well, I sent in my un-modded TR-2, Keeley modded it, and sent it back. The turn around time was only about a week or so and I had an excellent pedal back in my possession in about 10 days. Great customer service and well worth the modification price!

Liked about it Transparent
excellent tremolo sounds
Very versatile

Didn't like Nothing!

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By Severinsteelsmit
Dec 06, 2009
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Price: $79 to $135
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