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Korg AX1500G Featured

56 Effects types including amp/cab models, modulation, delay, etc. - 48 patches all editable - Knob based interface, no menus to scroll through. - Looper - Expression pedal built in

Price: $8 to $129 at 5 stores
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Old but good featured

Ease Of Use This is extremely easy to use as multi-effects pedals go. All the knobs correspond to different banks of effects categories. You can immediately adjust an effect type without scrolling through menus. From there, you can adjust the individual parameters of the effects with the press of a category button (there are several and they are labeled) and then simple +/- buttons to alter the effect. It's very similar in layout to the Vox Tonelabs.
The standard patches are lousy, but you can tweak things very quickly to find a suitable sound that you like. I found that I used it as an EQ pedal with cab sims for external preamps and as a purely effects pedal with delays/modulations. It was easy to use for me.

Sound As I said before, it's easy to tweak around and get a decent sound. It does make an attempt with the amp models to be realistic, but I never really considered it even close to par with the real deal. This was a budget friendly multi with lots of features to begin with, not top of the line ever.
The amp sims/distortions sound shrill, thin and nasally to me. I could not EQ that out and I never liked using them.
Despite it's less than stellar amp models, I found the cab sims worked great for direct recording and provided a lot of very usable sounds when running external preamp/distortion signals into them. I tended to favor the various 4x12 models because they felt more full and big sounding. Despite my 4x12 preference, I noticed that each cab model was distinct in its voicing and that the smaller cabs were useful for finding tones that would sit well in the mix too.
The delays and modulation effects were more than passable for an average home user. They aren't great, but are good enough. I liked the phaser models for adding a good texture and motion to the tone. They can get as subtle or over the top as you like. The delays were long enough to do crazy echoes and none really sounded sterile to me the way digital delays sometimes can. The chorus and reverb were also good but I ended up using the reverb on my amps more often and I bought a cheap Boss CH-1 used to supplement as well.
The looper feature was really good for personal practice. It's not as fancy as some you see now in the Boss GT series, but it got the job done. I think the max length is 20 seconds, but I never found myself limited. I also used the Aux in to play CD's and jam along for practice purposes. That worked fine.
For the expression pedal, I was never impressed with the wah models and didn't use the univibe much. I owned some stand alone wahs already, so it wasn't a reason I bought the pedal and I wasn't terribly disappointed that the wahs weren't so great. There is a talk-box like effect that was fun for fooling around with Frampton stuff, but it's not an every day use thing for me either. I mostly just used the pedal as a volume pedal and it worked very well.
The built in tuner is accurate. I've compared it with my Turbo Tuner, and while the TT is a little quicker to pick up the note, the AX1500g does a good enough job for everything except intonation.

Reliability I've had this for over 4 years now, purchased used originally and it's still going strong. The switches still work, they are plastic, but I've gigged with it and never had a problem. Some of the chicken head knobs are starting to get a little sticky. I don't make too many adjustments these days because I've mostly got all the patches set to how I want them, so they tend to "set" in the position I have them for long periods of time. The casing itself is metal and sturdy and the expression pedal still feels tight and solid underfoot.

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Liked about it 1. It was cheap and offers a decent direct recording situation. The cab sims really are pretty good to my ears.
2. Looper feature is really nice for practicing and it's not hard to use at all.
3. LCD screen was easily visible.

Didn't like 1. Distortions/Amp models were sub par.
2. Some limitations on what effects you can use together, no flange/chorus, no reverb and delay, etc.
3. Only had an input and a stereo output. Today's multi's feature things like USB connectivity, midi, effects loops, etc. I know it isn't a fair comparison to a product from a few years ago, but I wish that it had some of those features. My overall rating reflects what is available today, not that I haven't gotten a lot of good out of it.

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By smooth55
Dec 09, 2009
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