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Korg GT-3

Chromatic Tuner for Guitar and Bass in standard tunings - Built in Mic for acoustic instruments

Price: $4 to $18 at 12 stores
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You will be completely satisfied unless you do a lot of alternative tunings featured

Ease Of Use Very easy and straight forward, you don’t need a manual for this tuner! You can either plug in your guitar, bass or use its built in mic to tune your acoustics, that easy! Although this setup only displays Standard 6-string notes or 4-string notes, as tricky it may be you can still tune to other tones as long as you know where your LED light should be ;) I tune to D, Drop A, and down a full step all fairly easy and I get perfect tunings each time. Its bright easy to read LED meter lets you tune day or night and shows how far off you are from your perfect tone.

Sound If your a beginner then this is great because you can easily achieve the standard tuning in which it was made for! Also, as long as you can recognize where your LED light should be, you should have no problems getting to tune to other settings!

Reliability This thing can take a beating! I've dropped it, kicked it, stepped on it, threw it and dragged it across the ground and its heart is still beating! It still gives me accurate tunning and honestly, I find myself using it more then my chromatic tuner :) and since it uses a 9v battery, it'll last for quite awhile before it dies. I've had it for about 7 years and only replaced my battery twice..maybe 3 times. oh, and this thig is only made out of plastic! pretty damn impressive if you tell me.

Customer Support Never dealt with this company because I never had to, meaning I never had any problems its a solid product!

Liked about it Its cheap and perfect, IT GETS THE JOB DONE! Its made for Standard tuning and thats what it does! The note tracking is really fast and accurate! Whats really cool about this pedal oops..! I mean "tuner" is it has an output jack so you can have it inline with your pedals ;) Pretty damn sweet if you tell me! So you'll always stay tuned, shouldnt be any reason not to! and Like I said its very durable so dont worry if its accidently stepped on and mistaken for a pedal! You can also use an A/C adaptor if desired.

Didn't like You might read around and see people complain about its only meant for standard tuning, and it is! So why would they have bothered picking it up in the first place if thats what they werent going to use it for? Sure its not an all out great tuner that can tune to Drop B, A, C, D, half and full step down(as it wasnt intended to be) But after some usage you'll be able to recognize where your LED light should be for certain tunings and therefore able to tune to other settings!
for the people who say the LED lights are jumpy, maybe its because it has a built in mic which is very sensitive, if you stop breathing so hard while tuning or turn off your t.v in the background, maybe for once you'll get an accurate tune!

Overall satisfaction:

By Weezel
Feb 02, 2010
Last updated: February 06, 2010
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Price: $4 to $18
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at 12 stores

Very nice if you only play in standard tuning featured

Ease Of Use It really doesn't get much easier than this, plug your guitar in, flip the "on" switch and start tuning.
There are no adjustable features and it only allows you to tune standard E, A, D, G, B, E in guitar and bass ranges. I found that to be limiting but the tuner itself was accurate and easy to read.
The LED lights would glow brighter or dimmer to give further precision when tuning. The mic was reasonably accurate and strong enough to pick up notes up within a room without needing too close a proximity of sound.
It also has an output so that it can be used in line. I never did this because the case is plastic and I wasn't comfortable putting the pedal in the position to be stepped on and potentially smashed.

Sound It makes tuning in standard tuning pretty easy and it's fairly accurate. In the last six months, I got a Turbo Tuner so it hasn't gotten the same amount of usage as before, but I never felt it inaccurate and I still use it for my acoustic instruments (guitar and flute). Like all digital tuners, it can sometimes get confused when overtones are strongly present, but I found it to "grab" the note pretty quick and it was accurate enough for live use (intonation was a bit much to ask of it). I would recommend it as a cheap tuner except for the fact that you can not do anything other than standard tuning with it. There's not option to tune a half step flat with it if your singer is struggling to hit some of the higher notes, there's also no way of tuning a C or F with it if you want to do some sort of alternate tuning. If you always play in standard, no problems though.

Reliability I can't remember when I bought it but it's worked fine for at least 5 years and never given me any problems. It's very good on batteries, I think I still have the original double A's (that I put in it when I bought it) running and it continues to give me good tuning options for my acoustics. I would not put this on a pedal board at a gig, but I would have no problem setting on an amp with a tuning output on the back line. I've dropped it a fair few times on carpeted floor and it still functions. I don't think it would take to concrete or a harder surface as well, but I can't knock that it's reasonably robust for a piece of plastic.

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it 1. Built-in Mic is very convenient and works effectively to tune my acoustic instruments.
2. Pretty accurate (at least for live tones)and it grabs the note fairly quickly
3. Low battery usage has allowed me to run it off a single set of double A's for years.

Didn't like 1. Only allows you to tune to Standard E-E tuning. This was really tough when I was in a Guns n Roses cover band...
There are more accurate tuners (not as cheap) that I would go for over this just because I do my own set-ups now and want something I can have on my pedal board.

Overall satisfaction:

By smooth55
Jan 12, 2010
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Price: $4 to $18
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at 12 stores

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