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Korg PitchJack Tuner Featured

Play the right chords every time with the KORG PitchJack Plug-in Jack Tuner for Guitar and Bass. It is a combined digital tuner and 6.3 jack that plugs directly into a Guitar/Bass output jack. The angle of the display panel is adjustable for various guitar/bass types, i.e. Stratocaster, Les Paul, Telecaster, etc. It uses a simple operation and accurate tuning with...

Price: $8 to $19 at 19 stores
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Korg PitchJack tuner

Ease Of Use Very easy to use.

Sound 'A guitar and bass tuner that plugs directly into your instrument jack.

'Flat tuning mode allows for tuning seven semitones below original pitch.

'Tunes seven-string guitars and six-string basses.

'Simple and portable design that you can attach to your keychain or fit in your pocket.

'LED flash light for on-stage illumination.

The coolest thing about it is when you're changing strings,setting your guitar's intonation and tremolo,
it's right over your guitar,no cables.
The pitchjack also provides an LED light that can be truly handy when you're in a dark
location and have to find the input jack for your guitar or bass, or when you need a bit
of light in dark surroundings.

Reliability no problems.

Liked about it 1- Accuracy

2- Size

3- Price

Didn't like 1- I prefer AAA bateries

Overall satisfaction:

By 6fingers
Oct 29, 2009
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Price: $8 to $19
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at 19 stores

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