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Line 6 DL4 Featured

This is it, folks; the fabled 'green box' that's been igniting creativity, passion and sheer awe since Line 6 first released its digitally modeled marvels on the world in 2000. Containing 16 models based* on legendary echo and delay boxes from the storied Maestro® EP-1 Echoplex to the awesome T.C. Electronic® 2290, the DL4 has in turn become a classic in its own...

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Perfection-ection-ection... featured

Ease Of Use First and foremost, I'm not an effects geek. This is my second ever pedal following a Tubescreamer which I don't even touch the knobs on. I'm an everything at 12 o'clock guy when it comes to effects, because i don't really know enough about them to get all the weird and wonderful sounds from them.

This pedal looks to me to be a little daunting to start with, but within a few minutes I got to know which types of delay I do and don't like and how I like it. The 'TWEEK' and 'TWEAZE' knobs look a little vague at first, but they do different things depending on which setting you're on. All being nicely labelled and laid out, this really couldn't be simpler to use. Being a modelling pedal you expect it to be a jack of all trades but master of none, but to the contary, this pedal sounds perfect. It also saves your setting when you change between the different buttons or turn it off. It's just so nice to be able to go from a nice, atmospheric echo to a full on delay without having more than one pedal and both sound great.

The sample looper works well too, but I don't use it because if I wanted a looper I'd buy a looper. This is a delay pedal at it's best, the looper's just an extra.

Sound Sound is perfect. Couldn't ask for more here, the analogue sounds like an analogue, the digital like digital, the 'mod' on some delays is a really nice touch. And all though this pedal is true bypass (one of the main selling points to me) it can be made analogue bypass so you can get the decays after you switch it off. I can get a nice 'Dual Head' Timmons type delay, or the really pronounced 'Pull Me Under' delays as well as a discreet echo in a nice Petrucci type sound. It doesn't add any noise, but then I use 30cm patch leads for my effects loop, this stays sat on the amp and I just turn the loop on and off.

The delays are so rich, it's just perfect. I couldn't be happier with the sound of this unit.

Reliability Line 6 stuff is pretty sturdy. When nuclear war ends the earth, all that will remain are roaches and Line 6 gear. I work at the shop when I got this and we've never had any Line 6 returns.

Customer Support Pretty decent bunch of guys, but our shop buys loads of gear from them, so I'm not surprised.

Liked about it Sound is great, silent operation, built like a tank and it's true bypass! What more could you want?

Didn't like Sucks power like a mofo, so batteries are useless and the power supply is humungo, so don't try and daisy chain it on a pedal board. Aside from that, I'm yet to fault it.

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By Fun111
Mar 22, 2010
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Price: $17 to $167
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