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MXR CSP026 - '74 Vintage Phase 90

The long-time standard among phasers, the MXR Phase 90 is on the list of many players and even more collectors. Carefully recreated, this famous effect is available once again as the 1974 Vintage Phase 90. Hand wiring and hand selected matching transistors work together to bring back the same mesmerizing, smooth modulation as the original. You'll even find the same cla... - MXR effects have set the standard for tone and durability for more than 25 years. From time-honored classics to new cutting edge designs, MXR has your sound.

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Vintage Look, Vintage Sound... Great Phaser!

Ease Of Use This pedal is really easy to use. You've got one knob and one switch. Dial in the phaser speed with the knob, engage or disengage the effect with the switch. The only difficult thing about this pedal is that it doesn't have an indicator light. The only way to tell if it's on or off is to play something through it. Staying true to vintage circuitry has this one ease-of-use downside.

Sound I love the sound of this pedal. I use this pedal more than any other pedal on my pedalboard with the exception of delay.

I play Ibanez RG variants (e.g. Jem, JPM, J-Custom, Prestige, RG770, etc.) through high gain amps (e.g. Mesa/Boogie Road King, Carvin V3, Egnater TOL, Laney TT100). If you've ever read how Eddie talks about using Phaser effects you probably know that he likes the little extra amount of top-end that seems to come through when you engage an MXR Phase 90.

I use it in a similar way. I set my speed at 9:00 and kick this effect in when I want a bit more pop in the mix. It adds some cool flavor/color/texture too... a very tasteful effect you can use liberally.

Reliability Very reliable like all MXR products... I've never had any issue with any MXR pedals.

Customer Support Never had to contact 'em because their pedals are so well built.

Liked about it I love the sound of this pedal. This is my go-to effect when I want a little pop and little texture.

Didn't like 1) No indicator light
2) No 9v power supply 'port' (but I just use the 1-spot battery clip adapter and it works fine)

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By djrjems
Jul 03, 2012
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