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MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Featured

A compact metal distortion , six knobs of sound controls, noise gate and scoop button the nose gate push button when activated does its work very very well and the scoop button when activated has a lower bass punch for extra heavy Metal sound character

Price: $6 to $112 at 12 stores
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Well built One Trick Pony featured

Ease Of Use This box had the potential to be the end of my distortion needs, plus save valuable estate on my pedal board with its built-in noise gate. Out of the box it's ready to use (minus battery/power adapter). It's packed with jack in/out on the sides with a solid foot-switch centered. The bright LED is viewable even on the darkest stage with sunglasses on. The six knobs should give you plenty of tweaking options; Volume, Frequency, Gain, and the EQ options Low, Medium and High. In addition there is two small switches, each with their respective LED light to show when active; Noise Gate and Mid Scoop.
The Noise Gate can be adjusted by screwing of the back plate (where the battery compartment is located).
The housing of the pedal is small in solid aluminum style and looks like it can be dropped from space without being damaged. At least not on the outside.

Sound The sound of this gain monster is quite extreme. Sadly it goes from extreme gain to even more extreme gain. The built in Gate turns out to be both genius and necessary and this function works as a charm.
Sadly I couldn't tame this unit enough to have any use for it, as even the smallest possible amount of gain set would be too much. I had it between an LTD EC-1000 with EMG 81 in the bridge into a Marshall 100w head on the clean channel, a combo that most distortion pedals struggle with for the opposite reason - they can't produce enough bite to power a loud half stack. The EQ works well and makes it easy to shape the tone - given that the gain of the Fullbore Metal is what you're after.
Even for covering stuff like Lamb Of God and Megadeth this seems to produce too much gain, so do try one out before ordering based on reviews alone.

Reliability Seems very dependable. Good tweaking options on all but one knob (Gain). I used mine for ten hours before decided it wasn't going to give me what I was after (thanks to Wampler for fixing that, but that's a different review).
I assume extreme metal and or Nu-metal is the genre where this pedal would fit best (unless you got pick ups that require more bite that a regular distortion pedal can provide).

Customer Support Not dealt with MXR

Liked about it - Compact
- Solid built
- Good noise gate

Didn't like - Even at minimum the gain was at "overkill" mode
- There is a thing such as too bright LED's
- Power in placement / access to battery and gate

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Dec 04, 2011
Last updated: December 04, 2011
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Price: $6 to $112
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at 12 stores

Full on, fullbore! featured

Ease Of Use I usually don't like pedals with this many knobs, but this one makes it easy, they do not make any nasty drastic changes (think Metal Zone). The manual gives a good consise run down on all the functions and there is a multitude of You Tube demos. The very bright blue LED lets you know when it is on, a green LED lets you know when the noise gate activates and a red LED for when the mid scoop is on. The M116 Fullbore has a built in noise gate which can be adjusted by removing the back plate and set, making it nigh on impossible to inadvertantly move and the LED lets you know when it is active. The manual gives 6 recommended settings to get you started as well, depending on your rig.

Sound The manual tells you to start off with Volume, Gain and Bass set to minimum, as you don't want to destroy your hearing/amp straight away.... hahaha. I use a Laney LV 300 T and either a Dimarzio loaded Ibanez or a ESP LTD Ouija with 81/60 EMG's.
In reality you can get nearly ANY distortion sound out of this pedal. 80's metal, thrash, death is all a turn of the Gain knob away. It doesn't really do overdrive, but why would buy something called FULLBORE METAL if you were after dirty blues....
I must admit I wasn't overly impressed by MXR's website demos but the ones on the net were much better. I think this pedal is the best sounding distortion pedal/rack effect I have heard. I play a lot of 80's stuff as well as thrash metal and this pedal does it in spades!
I have yet to actually find a bad setting, just settings I like more than others! I honestly think it is that good. When riffing it can deliver heavy tones and it makes soloing sing especially when combined with some delay or chorus (or both).
I cannot emphasise enough just how much I like this pedal. I would definately replace this pedal if it was lost or stolen.

Reliability It seems to be built like a tank, nothing seems flimsy, the metal enclosure and switch seem bullet proof. I do not gig now but I suspect that it would stand up to any punishment short of being submursed!

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it Size - from the pictures I was expecting it to be twice the size of a "normal" (BOSS, Digitech) pedal but it is probably 1/3 smaller than these.
Sound - OMG. Amazing. Awesome. (you get the picture)
Noise gate - Built in!! Woohoo! Two pedals in one!

Didn't like About the only thing is the DC input jack loction. It is not that it isn't fuctional, just untidy.

Overall satisfaction:

Sep 10, 2010
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Price: $6 to $112
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at 12 stores

An Awesome Metal Distortion pedal

Ease Of Use t is user friendly pedal the knobs,each of them represent its own tonal characteristics and results in achieving any metal tones you want. The instruction manual is also straight forward, it explains every features etc. knobs

Sound Im using mostly ibanezes and esps and my peavey express transtube 112 or 100wt supreme and it sounds great even if u turn the knobs all in flat settings, this pedal has a noise gate built in and a button to activate when needed and it works fine!! no hums and hiss. i usually play Megadeth stuff on a gig and this pedal delivers what distortion sounds I want. and there is a scoop button on it if you want a more bassy numetal sound , and this pedal are pretty punchy on the cabs great dynamics and tonal activities. Ive got a satchurator on board aswell, comparing it with the MXR the sachurator is IMHO better for soloing and the mXR is best for riffings

Reliability ts built though looks though !! and for sure its dependable i ve got couple of Dist pedal on my board if anything would happen to the MXR... but then i would buy another one if its broken.

Customer Support -Nil-

Liked about it i like the compact construction svae some space on my board for other pedals
i like the the metal aluminium like colour
and the knobs and its characteristics.

Didn't like What i dont like is the fact that the 9v socket is near the input jack and its inconvenient.

Overall satisfaction:

By mar01
May 16, 2010
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Price: $6 to $112
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at 12 stores

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