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MXR Micro Amp Featured

This device adds a preset amount of gain, using a single control. With a guitar, this lets you boost your signal for lead work, adjust between two different guitars with unmatched output (i.e., humbucker to single coils), or it can supply a permanent boost in a long effects chain where signal drop off is a problem. Power: Single 9-volt battery or Dunlop ECB-003 AC...

Price: $10 to $72 at 13 stores
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MXR Micro Amp featured

Ease Of Use Extremely easy to use, Just an on/off switch and a knob for amount of gain.

Sound I'm using this through my VOX VT 100 with my Ibanez S470 (with dimarzio Evo and an Air Norton)

There's two ways you can use this pedal, before the amp and in the fx-loop.

In-front of the amp this pedal stays clean till about 50-60% and then starts to add a bit of grit. Maybe if your amp's clean channel is SUPER clean with a low gain setting it may stay clean the whole way.
With distortion though, this pedal has a very minimal effect, but this is due to the way distortion works, not the pedal. Distortion increases the signal till it's past the clipping stage, when u try to boost your signal EVEN FURTHER you're just sending it further through the clipping stage and more distortion is added, but not a lot of volume.

But the main use of this pedal is in the fx=loop. In the loop this pedal stays clean the whole way and adds very little or NO dirt to your sound, it only increases the volume and keeps the tone the same (maybe a bit brighter, but that might just be my ears playing tricks with me cause of the volume). In the loop this thing goes very VERY VERY LOUD. I have it set to about 30% in the loop and that's good enough for a lead boost.

This pedal hasn't added any noise in my rig, so i would feel it would be the same for most. A nice quiet pedal.

Reliability Pretty much a brick with a knob on it.

Customer Support Have not used

Liked about it Easy to use
Plenty loud
Different characteristics before and after distortion

Didn't like The dirt sound it created when cranked before the amp wasn't for me... my friend borrowed it for distorting his tone and he liked it... so maybe you will to?
Could've had a few bells and whistles for the price. But it does it's main job well.

Overall satisfaction:

By julzius
Nov 08, 2010
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Price: $10 to $72
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at 13 stores

A pedal boards MVP

Ease Of Use So easy, so ingenious! In/out, on/off and the gain knob that let's you set the boost level.
Use it for soloing, for evening out different output signals from your guitars or to compensate for loss of tone in your pedal chain.
Once you've set the level on the Gain knob you can pretty much leave it as it is and stomp on it whenever you need a boost.

Sound No noticeable colouring of the tone when inactive, and it can add "more than you need" when active. I use mine with the gain knob turned at 9 o'clock for solo boosts and that is enough to take me up and away. I also use it for my semi-acoustic guitar and that gives me the level I need to be par with the other instruments in the band.

Reliability Built like a tank. Never had a problem with any of my MXR products.

Customer Support Never dealt with MXR/Dunlop.

Liked about it - Rock solid boost.
- Small, compact size.
- Transparent sound.
- Very easy to set up.

Didn't like - Like with all of MXR's small pedals; the power input is placed just next to the Input Jack. I'd prefer it on the top as with most other stomp boxes.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Dec 12, 2010
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Price: $10 to $72
Compare Prices
at 13 stores

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