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MXR ZW38 Black Label Chorus Featured

Zakk Wylde signature chorus pedal by MXR.

Price: $62 to $114 at 8 stores
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Top shelf Black Label from MXR. featured

Ease Of Use Although the ZW38 Black Label Chorus a five control layout, it is really quite easy to use. Once again the MXR manual supplies some suggested settings to give you a quick start with the pedal. The sample settings are "Zakk's" for thickening your tone, "Power Ballad" and "Fat Solo". All of these are good but mine is set closest to the "Power Ballad" settings.
It has a very bright blue LED so you know it is on.
Possibly from the moon... ;)

Sound I use a Laney 300V T amp and DiMarzio loaded Ibanez and an ESP LTD Ouija with 81/60 EMG's.
This chorus pedal sounds great. I particularly like using it for clean type ballads and clean intros.
It sounds OK for the "thickening your wall of distortion" but I don't really use it for this application. It seems to take the aggressive edge off of the Fullbore Metal pedal I am using, although it does sound better with the Drive 2 channel on the Laney.
I actually wanted one of these for soloing, but it turns out it was not the sound I was chasing either. Don't get me wrong, it sounds good, just not what I wanted or imagined (this is no fault of the pedal!).
If you want a gorgeous rich tone when playing clean I would recommend this pedal without hesitation. Think "One" and "Sanitarium" or Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" to name a few. It gives a great voice to clean strumming and I would love to hear it with a semi-acoustic.
This pedal gives a boutique pedal sound for a good price.

Reliability I have only had it for a month and I am not gigging, but it has a metal enclosure and a solid switch mechanism.
I have not heard any bad reports of MXR quality.

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it Size - they are quite small, around a 1/3 smaller than a Digitech or Boss pedal.
Ease of use - Sample settings give you a really good base to tweak your sound.
Sound - For clean it is totally awesome, used with distortion it also sounds good, if thats your thing.

Didn't like As with a lot of MXR pedals the DC input jack is near the guitar input, and is kind of messy and a little in the way (especially with 90 degree jacks).

Overall satisfaction:

Sep 10, 2010
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Price: $62 to $114
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at 8 stores

Big chorus in a small box

Ease Of Use This chorus pedal is a very versatile chorus pedal for all sorts of styles. No need to be a long haired, bearded metal head to put this unit to good use at all.
The stomp box is built of a solid metal MXR size housing and contains five knobs; Low, High, Level, Rate and Depth. The manual gives you some of Zakk Wylde's sample settings and these are also a good guideline to help you find your sound for whatever style you're playing. With it's low and high filtering you can tweak the chorus better than with most small sized chorus pedals.
I picked this unit over MXR's stereo chorus for two reasons; I don't need the stereo function and most important - pedal board estate.
The Black Label Chorus gives me great sounding chorus both for clean sounds and for a fatter, meaner distortion and I find it easy to operate.

Sound The EQ filter allows you to set the chorus effect exactly like you want. The Level knob then makes it easy to blend the effect with your dry sound. Rate and Depth makes it easy to find the style of chorus you want and once you sit down and test the possibilities of the pedal it is easy and intuitive to set the settings to your liking.
No audible tone altering when bypassed.

Reliability The pedal, knobs, connectors and switch are all solid built. I've used mine for many months and I've had no problems with it.

Customer Support Never dealt with MXR/Dunlop.

Liked about it Small size, big sound, versatile and very solid.

Didn't like As always with MXR; battery compartment requires unscrewing the bottom plate and the 9v power input is placed next to the Jack input instead of at the top.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Sep 18, 2011
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Price: $62 to $114
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at 8 stores

Finally, a compact Chorus with enough knobs!!!

Ease Of Use This pedal has 5 knobs on it so there's a bit more to it than most chorus pedals. Having said that, I find it very easy to use and easy to dial up a sound I like.

The hi pass and lo pass knobs help you really tailor the finer points of the effect, rate and depth are found on pretty much every chorus pedal/effect out there... and I love the fact that this one also has a level knob so you can control how much effect you're getting.

Sound I wasn't happy with any other chorus pedal I tried/owned until I found this one. I like to apply chorus across a wide range of tones (e.g. everything from crystal clean to high gain solos) so I love the hi pass, lo pass and level knobs on this baby.

It's got good ole bucket-brigade circuitry (all analog), but you've also got full control over what the effect. I found that pedals with just a rate and depth knob didn't get used much (pretty much never with high gain tones), but I can use the Black Label Chorus on anything. I set my low to about 12:00, my high to about 2:00, my level at 11:00, rate at 10:00 and depth at 1:00.

Reliability I've never had any issue with any MXR product... very reliable.

Customer Support I've never had to contact MXR customer support... their products are so well built that I've never needed to.

Liked about it 1) Level knob
2) High and Low knobs
3) Bucket-brigade, all analog circuitry (great, lush chorus sounds I can use with any tone)

Didn't like Nothing

Overall satisfaction:

By djrjems
Jul 03, 2012
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Price: $62 to $114
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at 8 stores

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