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Mahoney Pasadena Plexi ( swirled)

This a newer version of the old Red Dirt. It is a plexi pedal that does the job and right.

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What i have been looking for

Ease Of Use I just got this pedal in.I hooked it up and put on a nice clean sound with some delay and reverb.
I turned the knobs and everywhere sounded great. Has a battery or 9 volt jack.

Sound The sound of this beast can go from a quiet clean boost and with a turn of a knob goes to a fire breathing jcm marshall. I was totaly suprised at how good it imitated a giant marshall in such a small pedal. It has a smooth distortion like what ive been wanting just turn the lower knob almost off and it is so smooth turn it up and it gives it kinda of a over the top sound. I am in love with this thing.

Reliability I just got it but i can tell it was well made with quality parts and alot of care.
The swithes and led seem of high quality and wiring is excellent.

Customer Support chris is a great guy and stands by his stuff from my experience.

Liked about it The sound is amazing like i said before really great for vanhalen to vai stuff. This one is a swirled version and is beautiful.

Didn't like That i dont have three.

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By andrewsfury
Nov 29, 2011
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