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Modtone Effects Featured

Modtone Effects Chromatic Tuner can tune your instrument

Price: $8 to $117 at 9 stores
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Modtone Aqua Chorus good value chorus ina small and nifty package

Ease Of Use Two controls rate and depth plus a sturdy on/off switch. I bought it used so no manual but you dont really need one with such a simple setup, very sturdy solid metal housing too..
Plug in and go works great on cleans and heavy overdrive, incredibly solid knobs and pots for the controls too...

Sound A clear and sweet sounding chorus adds plenty of depth to clean chords and single notes, you can vary from over the top to subtle effects and get really nice sounds by varying the rate/depth, however once you get past a certain point it does deteriorate to unusable scfi sounds, however I doubt many chorus pedals would sound good when the contropls are all set to full... but there is plenty of usable tones inbetween..

Reliability seems very solid, the button switch and knobs are solid, they have a nice resistance when you turn them so I doubt you could easily knock them about and change your sound accidentally, it's also very tiny so wouldnt take up much space on a board...
however the screws in the rear to take the back off for battery access have stripped or got stuck which is a pain...

Customer Support N/a as I bought second hand, but Modtone seems like a decent company that would stand behind their products, I'm not 100% sure of what their warranty/returns are but i'm sure they would help you out with any questions their website is very informative...

Liked about it Sound, build, and function are great the controls are some of the best i've handled the knobs feel great, and the pedal seems built like a tank...

Didn't like My major gripe with this is the screws used on mine stripped or the heads were so damaged I couldnt undon the back cover to access the battery this wont be an issue when I complete my board with a power unit but for now it's a major inconvienience, this is where boss/digitech pedals come into thier own with thier simple and easy battery acess...

Adding a morley style panel would have made this a much better pedal to use when replacing the battery, and eliminated the chance of damaging screws....

A level control would have been nice but it's based on an older boss model that had rate/depth....

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By ozzuk
Feb 09, 2012
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Price: $8 to $117
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at 9 stores

Modtone Effects Chromatic Tuner

Ease Of Use How easy is it to plug in your guitar? It is that easy to use the Modtone Effects Chromatic Tuner.

Sound The ModTone Chromatic Floor Tuner is an automatic, accurate and convenient floor unit with a tolerance of + /- 3% and is housed in a sealed corrosion resistant metal chassis and is built to last for years. Our proprietary silent circuitry means no signal drop or loss when placed in the signal path between your instrument and amplifier. The noiseless mute function allows for quick and silent tuning without signal bleed so all you have to do is step, tune and get back to business!

ModTone MT-CT Demo (Chromatic Tuner) (video)

Reliability I will only use the Modtone Chromatic Tuner on the road. I trust it and I know it will not let me down.
Very sturdy pedal. No worries for me.

Customer Support The support is great. Modtone is a great company and they stand behind their products.

Liked about it It is one of the best if not THE best guitar tuners I have come across.
The bright blue LED display is great.
Easy to see on a dark stage.
Very easy to get many different tunings out of your guitar.

Didn't like Great tuner...I love it!

Overall satisfaction:

By milkywayslipnsli
Aug 24, 2010
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Price: $8 to $117
Compare Prices
at 9 stores

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