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Morley Mini Wah

A wah pedal designed to fit on your pedalboard

Price: $40 to $87 at 18 stores
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Finally a wah that fits my pedalboard! featured

Ease Of Use Real easy to use. Hit button wah on, hit button again wah off. Here is the only issues I have with wah pedals. Which is the best switching method? I have used the Bad Horsie which works upon stepping on it, there's the type like this mini wah which there is a button on the pedal (this one is just to one side of the pedal, and then the crybaby type which engages when you put the pedal all the way down, the problem I have found with this is I have accidently turned it off, or not turned it on while "wahing". After using this one, I think this is my favorite method of switching. This pedal is made for pedalboards, just 6.75' in length, 4.5' wide and only 2.75' in height. Much smaller that any other wah, yet it is fully usable even being smaller.

Sound I tried this with 3 guitars, Reverend Slingshot, Gibson ES-339, and Fender '72 Tele Deluxe RI, and with 3 amps, the Egnater Rebel 20, Bugera V22, and Marshall 6100LM. Each combination worked well, although you have to watch the fully depressed pedal can get a lot of high end. That is just my personal taste though, there is a lot of variation in tone from pedal up to pedal down. It seemed that when the pedal was up (heel down) to about the first 1/5 down there was not much change in tone, but that could be from my tone, I tend to run a warm dark tone. Classic wah tone on this. Optical circuitry, so there aren't any pots to wear out. Nice touch is the volume knob on it, so you can get a bit of a boost when it's solo time while using the wah. A+ on that! And it does have an LED to let you know it's engaged. I did have a gig within a week of getting this and used it. Performed flawlessly.

Reliability Like any Morley product I've had, it is a tank. I am not easy on equipment, I hit hard and stop hard. The buttons are well made, and the metal is cold rolled steel. I wouldn't have a backup for this.

Customer Support I never had to call them. I had a Bad Horsie that I needed to clean something once and their product support website was more than I needed.

Liked about it Well made
Excellent tone
Small form factor will make this a staple on many pedal boards

Didn't like tone variation was a little too high end for me when fully depressed. I easily found my killer tone spots on this wah, so this is not really an issue

Overall satisfaction:

By torgeot
Jul 15, 2010
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Price: $40 to $87
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