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Morpheus Droptune Pedal Featured

Now you can go from one pitch for a particular song to a different pitch on the next without having to retune your guitar or owning two, three or more guitars for various step-down de-tunings. For example, play an E chord in standard tuning, then use this unique pedal to drop tune your guitar so the chord is changed to an Eb, D, Db, C, B, Bb or A. This lets guitarists...

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Quick, Accurate Drop Tuning featured

Ease Of Use The Morpheus Droptune pedal has been out for about a year and it is worth its weight in gold for a cover band or practicing against original artist songs or backing tracks. I use it mainly for practicing and learning cover songs with the original music. Ever wanted to create a playlist in windows media player with some GNR, Ozzy, Def Leppard, EVH, and Motley Crue and play all the songs without re-tuning or grabbing another alternate tuned guitar? This device is for you.
The device can instantly drop the tuning of your guitar in ½ step increment up to 3 ½ steps, with additional settings for a full octave and an Octover. I occasionally use the Octaver which is a great effect in its own right, my my main usage is drop tuning. First it doesn't do drop D, you will need to re-tune your E string for that but it does do an excellent job of dropping the entire tuning in ½ step increments. Let say you playing Def Leppard in standard tuning, but the next song which will start playing in 5 seconds after this one is in 2 steps down from standard. No problem. Step on the down on the sturdy device's 'down' button three times and step on the effect on/off button to turn the device on and you are there. This easily takes less time than the MP3 player take to start the next song.
A couple of things. It has an adjustment on the back called 'trim Level'. This is important for adjusting the input level to match whatever you plug into the Droptune. With this adjusted properly the device is very colorless. The device also has a USB connector. Make sure you use this and a computer to update to the latest firmware and the device will function flawlessly. The device has an up and down button for tuning adjustments and an effect on/off button. You can go down whether the effect is on or off, but you can only go up if the effect is off (not sure why maybe it will change with firmware updates). You can also toggle the effect on and off to create some crazy effects.
Can you step on a button? The product is very easy to use.

Sound To me, the Droptune is transparent and the effect is very accurate. At first I wasn't too sure about it, but after a few days and a firmware update I would not want to be without it. I only use it to a maximum of 2 steps down and it seems to hold the notes in tune very well. Not really sure how it function below that, I have used lower tunings occasionally but not enough to rate it. I will say that using heavy gauge strings and manually drop tuning your instrument has both a different sound and feel, but for the most part this does a good job for quick changes. Personally, I prefer the feel of my standard strings and tuning better then a setup guitar with a different tuning.

Reliability The Droptune is a metal box and appears to be indestructible. It is very high quality and should stand up to stage abuse.

Customer Support I received mine in a USA box but with a European power supply. I called Morpheus and within a few days had a replacement power supply for no charge. The person I dealt with was very apologetic and provided excellent service. She also told me I could get an adapter a Radio Shack (which I did) so I could start using it. Now I have both options.

Liked about it Love the ease at which I can change tunings.

Didn't like Wish my multi FX units had these algorithms in them. They are great. Cannot really fault Morpheus for this. The original firmware had to be upgraded, it was not very good before I upgraded. Now it is great. Not the cheapest device but definately worth it if you use it for practice.

Overall satisfaction:

By fly_with_v
Mar 21, 2011
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Price: $9 to $124
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Surprisingly good!

Ease Of Use The DropTune pedal from Morpheus is a polyphonic pitch changer - or dropper I should say. When activated it changes the output from your guitar down up to an octave lower than the original signal. Being polyphonic it can handle more than one note at the time, so chords and blistering fast solos are no match for this impressive device.
Let's start with the unpacking.
In the box you will find a 12v power adapter, the Morpheus DropTune pedal, a user manual and a USB chord. Use all combined with a bit of patience for best possible result.
The first thing you should do is to power up the pedal, and connect it to a computer to download the latest firmware. This improves the quality of the droptuning quite a bit, so you don't want to skip this part. The update can be found on Morpheus own website.
Ok, moving on. You're now ready to play so there's one more thing to adjust. On the back of the pedal, between the Input and Output is an Input Level knob. This has nothing to do with your overall sound, but to ensure the pedal gets optimal signal. Strum your guitar as you normally play and turn the knob up until the yellow indicator light lights up on the front display.
On the front face of the pedal there's three footswitches. From left to right is the Down switch, the Toggle/Up switch and then the Effect On/Off switch.
Press down the Down switch for every half tone you want to drop tune, activate by pressing Effect On. The light indicator shows how many half steps down you are from original input as well as indicating if the effect is active or not. The middle switch is either Toggle mode or half step up, depending on if the effect is on or not. When on, Toggle will be active. By pressed down you will get your original input signal, basically bypassing the drop tuning effect. Used right you can get a cool effect in solos as you quickly switch between two tones without moving your finger on the fretboard.
So how low can you go? If your guitar is tuned in E (standard tuning) it will take you via E?, D, D?, C, B? and B to A. To top it off you also have two octave modes; one full octave down - handy if you want to record bass lines with your guitar, and another octave that blends 50/50 with the original input.

Sound You want clean signals in for this effect, so I recommend putting it first in your chain, only second if you have a tuner in front.
The DropTune has stood it's test from bedroom to rehearsal room to the stage. The only difference I can hear between a standard tuned guitar using this pedal and a natural down-tuned guitar is less string flapping and muddiness. If that's what you want in addition, buy thinner strings and you're good ;)
First time I brought this with me to my bands rehearsal space, I tested it extensively with the other guitar player in my band, as when you play at home you can rarely play loud enough to no longer hear the original tones coming from your guitar. Absolutely no delay, complex chords, fast solos and arpeggios came through with no muddiness or loss of notes, and also screaming pinch harmonics were drop-tuned with the same convincing result.
The benefits of the DropTune are many:
The hassle of switching back and forth between guitars, no need to stress a guitars neck with the extra tension of thicker strings in traditional down tuning, and if you only have one guitar that you use to manually re-tune, you no longer have to worry about the intonation.
The YouTube video I linked to also demonstrates the ease of use and tonal qualities of this pedal.

Morpheus Drop Tune Pedal Demo (video)

Reliability Solid built housing, but as there's software inside I would recommend treating this pedal with care to be on the safe side. Apart from the need to update the firmware before first time use, it's a play and play tool that requires little to none care.

Customer Support Not dealt with Morpheus.

Liked about it - Tracks amazingly good.
- Intuitive set up of the pedal.

Didn't like - One less reason to justify buying yet another guitar.
- Driven by 12v, means less likely to be run via power bricks.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Dec 09, 2011
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Price: $9 to $124
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