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Radial ToneBone BoneYard Pedalboard

The Boneyard's unique features and wide-body wedge shape were designed specifically to address the needs of the professional guitarist. It features a large 35" wide x 15" deep work surface that is angled to allow easy foot access to multiple rows of pedals for quick pedal set-up changes on stage. - - Pedal layout is accommodated with a pre-drilled top panel that allows the player to position the pedals at will and hide the cables and power supplies underneath for a clean organized solution. A super-stick Velcro-friendly carpeted surface holds pedals firmly in place even when transported, which means reduced time for set up and tear down. - - Made entirely from heavy-duty furniture grade plywood, the Boneyard will not crumble apart when subjected to moisture like other materials such as particle board. Tough PVC 'T-edge' protects edges from handling damage and further enhances the professional look of the Boneyard.

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Professional to the Bone! featured

Ease Of Use Ever since I walked away from multi effects I've had a growing collection of effect pedals. It started with a distortion, then came a wah, a delay and before long I had a two-digit number in use. Along that process of purchasing effect pedals I have also had a pedal board in mind. Problem is - they all seemed either way to small, too unpractical or too expensive.
The ToneBone is a big boy. Measuring 35" (wide) x 15" (deep) it big enough to hold 8-12 pedals (depending on their size) but still fit in the back of your car.

Let's have a closer look:
The board is built from heavy-duty furniture grade plywood and the top is covered with "super-stick" carpet for easy fastening of your pedals.
The angle of the board is high enough to both ensure that you can easily access the upper row of pedals without worrying about kicking the knobs on your front row pedals, and this also gives you plenty of space under the board for your power supplies.

The board has a lot of pre-drilled holes under the carpet so you can easily put the power cables from underneath and ensure that your pedal board is nice and tidy.

Sound Attached is a picture of my pedal board. Though the quality is far from good it will show you that the upper row is comfortably high, the board is big enough to fit a lot of effects and all power cables are tidied up leaving a clean and nice looking board.


Reliability The unit is solid built. To add a quote from Radial's product page; "(...) with guitarists stomping one their pedals at full force, we wanted to make sure the Boneyard was really tough and could handle 300 lbs of exuberance!"

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Liked about it - Top quality in every aspect.
- Every detail seemed to be well thought through.
- The size! Size does count!

Didn't like What's not to like? Can't think of anything at all really!

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Jan 07, 2011
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Price: $105 to $105
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