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Radial Tonebone Hot British

Radial Tonebone Hot British is a tube driven distortion box that emulates classic British amps

Price: $74 to $226 at 7 stores
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Radial Tonebone Hot British is super hot

Ease Of Use Simple to use with a variety of switches to tailor your sound. Just turn and tweak. Beware the gain knob though. This pedal has an enormous amount of it.

Sound The Hot British will satisfy your lust for gain and distortion. It has a high output and more distortion that you can shake a stick at. A LOT! Thanks to the variety of switches you are able to contour your sound very easily. Make single coil Strat pickups sound like P90s or scoop your PAFs for the brootlz. Any way you like it the Hot British serves it up.

Reliability Built like a tank. Very sturdy metal case protects the tube and all components. I've not had any problems with mine in the years I've owned it. Never had to change the tube yet either.

Customer Support Don't know about their support but I've found that being polite and persistent will get results with almost any issue.

Liked about it I like that it has the sound of all my favorite British amps. It's very easy to get that. I also like that there is a ton of gain. I'll never run short of gain. I also like all the contour switches and knob. It makes it really easy to vary your sound when the unit is on. The knobs and switches really have an effect on what they are designed for which is frequency contouring.

Didn't like Sometimes I think the gain might be too over the top. It doesn't clean up at all when rolling the guitar's volume down. Perfect for solos but not to leave on the whole song unless you just play flat out balls to the walls all the time.

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By Spudman
Nov 15, 2009
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Price: $74 to $226
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