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Rocktron HUSH pedal Featured

Rocktron's Hush noise reduction needs no introduction. With Hush the standard in almost all touring rigs worldwide, now you can tap into the same great circuitry on the floor and wipe out hiss, pickup buzz and unwanted feedback! The Hush pedal delivers 65dB of signal cleanup, while your music signal integrity remains unaffected. In other words, get rid of the noise wit... - Guitar Player Magazine wrote that the "Hush Pedal will work for all guitar-related noise problems: it's perfect" and "its potent noise-killing abilities will be fully appreciated." Simply plug the Hush in after distortion boxes, wah-wahs, noisy vintage effects, or other noisy units and turn the Threshold knob until the noise goes away. It's that easy! You will not find a more effective noise reduction. Unlike noise "gates" that chop off the end of your notes, or ruin your sustain, Hush the Pedal is actually a form of single-ended noise reduction that tracks your signal all the way and pushes the noise floor below the point where your ear can hear the noise. It does not hurt your sustain or chop off the end of your notes. Simply use the Threshold knob to smooth out your signal while wiping out noise. This is the best friend a guitar player could have! - - Hush is a registered trademark of GHS Corporation.

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Ease Of Use It's very easy to use: input, output, footswitch, LED indication and one knob for threshold. After you put this into your signal chain and get all of your gear powered up, all you have to do is adjust the threshold knob to kill any excessive noise--that's the sole purpose of this pedal.

Sound Well, it doesn't really produce sound--it eliminates it. In fact, in order to eliminate the excessive noise that this is supposed to do, it also sucks your tone away. Once you get it set where you absolutely need it--kiss your decent tone goodbye! They should have named this the Vampire--it sucks the life right out of your tone.

Reliability It's built like a tank in it's rugged, metal enclosure. It also has a very durable footswitch and a nice chickenhead knob.

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Liked about it Made of durable metal.
It does eliminate noise

Didn't like It sucks all characteristics out of your tone while eliminating noise. Sure it gets rid of excessive noise, but kills your sound. With the threshold knob turned even halfway up to the 12 o'clock position, it starts chopping your tone. If you need a noise suppressor, either fork out the extra cash for a rackmount--or get the BOSS Noise Suppressor.

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By AlaskaBat
Sep 17, 2011
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Price: $8 to $106
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