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Rocktron Patchmate 8 Featured

Rocktron brings back much of the old Bradshaw functionality in an easy-to use and affordable package.

Price: $222 to $265 at 3 stores
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A Bradshaw-style switching system for the rest of us!!! featured

Ease Of Use The instruction manual for this product is relatively light because there's just not that much to figure out. There are eight independent loops on the back that are controlled by big corresponding buttons on the front. The beauty of this is that you can have multiple similar effects (say two or three OD/DS pedals) and use them either individually or in tandem, all MIDI-controlled. When the loop is not activated the loop is bypassed so no tone-robbing here. Extremely easy to set up. Can also be used to switch channels on amps that use mono latch-style switching. I was told the unit CAN do momentary switching but this requires the VERY EXPENSIVE All Access MIDI controller and some custom programming.

Sound This is a great way to control all of your pedals. Instead of having them all on the floor in front of you and running pedal power, wires, etc. you can leave these in your rack connected up to the Patchmate 8. I have mine set up with an Ibanez Tube Screamer in Loop 1, a BOSS SD-1 in Loop 2, a modded BOSS DS-1 in Loop 3, a BOSS Drive Zone in Loop 4, a BBE 362 in Loop 5, a Digitech MEQ14 and Rocktron Expression in Loop 6, a Marshall JMP-1 in Loop 7, and am using Loop 8 for switching the amp head into which this signal chain is plugged. The beauty of this is that this is all controlled with one Rocktron Midi Mate controller. With one button press I can turn multiple pedals on or off, change EQ and Effects parameters, and switch my amp head. Just like having a mini-Bradshaw rack!

Reliability Solid so far--seems to be built very solid--I would gig it without a backup.

Customer Support Customer support initially represented that they could do momentary switching on my Marshall Vintage Modern head, but after going through a couple of different reps, I got in touch with a very knowledgeable individual who told me the technical details necessary for momentary switching-- it is POSSIBLE, but takes a special MIDI controller and some programming. I was impressed with the detail of the information they provided.

Liked about it Extremely simple setup.
Makes non-MIDI pedals MIDI-controllable.
Reasonably priced considering what you're getting.

Didn't like Ads say it can do momentary switching but it is extremely difficult to accomplish and requires a special controller.

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By racerevlon
Dec 22, 2009
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Price: $222 to $265
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at 3 stores

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