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SR&D Rockman Distortion Generator

The Rockman Distortion Generator is an excellent and dynamic distortion. It has 3 band EQ, Phase Notcher, Auto Clean, Treble Boost, and different input and output levels. Every control to get the noise you need! You have to use a separate footswitch (you can easily make one of these!) to bypass the distortion. Runs off 120v AC (plugs directly into the wall - does not...

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Sound just like Tom Scholz...or not!

Ease Of Use Very easy to use! All of the controls are on the front, the jacks and power cord are on the back, and there is no programming involved. All you have to do is tweak the sliders on the front to your liking--and you're ready to rock!

Sound Most people think that and SR&D or Rockman product had but one purpose--to make you sound like Tom Scholz (Boston). That is just not true. Sure, you can dial in that signature Boston sound--proof that tone is NOT in the fingers, but you could also coax a bigger variety of sounds out of it. Did you know one of the more popular ZZ Top albums featured Billy Gibbons using one of these? I've been able to get anything from Boston tones to a really decent George Lynch tone out of mine. An added bonus is the sustain this thing generates! No need for a sustainer pickup with one of these handy.

Reliability These are pretty durable. The casing is metal, but as with anything else--it'll live longer if treated well. They stopped making these in 1991 and mine still works like new--a true testament to durability right there, especially for an electronic gizmo.

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Liked about it If I feel like cranking out a Boston tune--I'll sound just like Tom Scholz!
The other tones I can coax out of it are above average.
The sustain function is incredible!

Didn't like I don't mind the half-rack size of the unit, but it make sit impossible to mount in a rack without a special adapter.

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By AlaskaBat
Sep 17, 2011
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