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Suhr Riot Distortion Pedal

The Riot, as its name playfully hints, is a high-gain distortion box that will make a small clean tube combo sound like a raging stack.

Price: $18 to $159 at 19 stores
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A good pedal...but not great in my view... featured

Ease Of Use Pretty easy to use with only 3 knobs. There is also a 3-way voicing switch and a fx link input. It came with a one page information sheet but it didn't really offer much info on the voicing switch.

Sound I tested this pedal out with my main strat, which has Duncan JB jr & little '59 pups, into a Carvin Legacy. I use a Digitech GSP rackmount unit for effects.
I know I'm probably in the minority on this because most of the other reviews I've read on the internet give this pedal great reviews - and it is a quality pedal with some decent rock tones - but I did not get what I was looking for from this pedal.
I tested this pedal out beside 3 of my favorite high gain distortion pedals - a Keeley DS-1, an AMT Cali sound and a Wampler Pinnacle 2 re-issue. I was actually considering buying either this pedal or the Wampler Pinnacle 2 reissue because I was given both to test out so I ran them both through some low, medium and high gain settings. What was disappointing for me right out of the gate was that this pedal was the noisiest at high gain settings out of all 4 pedals. Tone-wise it did well when it came to achieving classic hard rock tones and also some nice low to medium OD tones. It was also responsive to volume pot changes and achieving break up sounds. However, in my view it did not do as well as the Wampler Pinnacle 2 when it came to achieving a higher gain "Brown sound". For singing leads, I think the Keeley was nicer at getting compressed liquid singing Satriani type lead tones. Lastly I tried cranking it full up to get some hard rock/metal tones but, in my view, the Riot did not do as well as the other pedals in the metal arena...but then this pedal isn't really advertised as a metal pedal. However, it is advertised to turn an amp into a raging stack but, in my view, this pedal got too noisy by the time it took the clean channel of my Legacy into raging stack country. It also lacked the "thump" of the Wampler pedal that I compared the Riot against. In the end, I think there are other pedals in this price range that are better at getting the "raging stack" sound - like the Wampler Pinncale 2, which I think is a much superior pedal in the same price range.
So, overall, this is a decent pedal for rock but it fell short of my expectations at high gain settings and I ended up returning it and keeping the Wampler Pinncale 2 re-issue instead.

Reliability Suhr makes high quality gear so I would not be concerned about this pedal's reliability - I'm sure it will last.

Customer Support I have not dealt with the company so I can't really comment on this.

Liked about it 1. Low to Medium gain OD tones were decent
2. Cool look - love the purple case...and the fxlink is a good feature
3. Some decent hard rockin tones...but...

Didn't like 1. too noisy for me
2. Didn't find the high gain tones I was looking for
2. Didn't compress the way I like a high gain distortion pedal to for getting those Satriani type singing liquid lead tones

Overall satisfaction:

By doriangrey
Jul 05, 2010
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Price: $18 to $159
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at 19 stores

I predict a Riot!

Ease Of Use Came in a nice snazzy box along with the product manual.
Very easy to dial in a great sound out of this. Three knobs dist, tone and Level. Looks and feels very sturdy. The stomp button unlike other pedals is smooth to operate.

Sound Wow! I have never been as impressed about a guitar pedal as I have been with this one.

I have tried it with my Strats, Ibanez and other guitars I have and it has been able to produce excellent very big tones through each one. This goes in front of the amp played through your clean channel.
It gives you the meaty tone for your single coils but shines even more with humbuckers !
I can go from pop/classic rock to full on shred without losing tone or getting muddy. Like in most demo's shown online you can get from ACDC to Killswitch Engage (or in my case Santana to 80's hair to Megadeth) at the twist of a knob wow!
Its a channel 2 dirty in a stomp box! Awesome! It has replaced 3 pedals of my board! Well worth the money paid...
Get one now!

Again like all my reviews do not expect much if you are playing through a shoebox tin can amp.

Reliability I've had it for a couple of months seems very reliable. Only time will tell.

Customer Support Have not needed to deal with them before.

Liked about it 1. You can get very big sounds with it
2. It's versatility
3. Build Quality

Didn't like 1. Quite hard to get one.

Overall satisfaction:

By ashleighhhh
Jun 07, 2010
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Price: $18 to $159
Compare Prices
at 19 stores

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