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Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive CB

The Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive CB is the same brilliant low gain overdrive and same quality components as the regular Sweet Honey Overdrive. ᅠNow, with Mad Professor's CB version of this pedal, you can have that fantastic overdrive tone on your board, but at a much more moderate price.ᅠ Mad Professor has decreased the costs of production, but...

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My favorite overdrive featured

Ease Of Use The Mad Professor's Sweet Honey Overdrive is a low gain overdrive that has a very organic sound. In an MXR-like housing it has three knobs; volume, drive and focus. And here lies the fun.
Volume should be self explanatory. Drive sets the amount of overdrive and focus allows you to set the sensitivity. That's right. Set on low focus, you can play gentle clean passages and when you hit the strings harder with the pick it breaks up into overdrive. The pedal can even be used as a volume boost with the drive cut and the volume set to your liking. Using it to further saturate an over-driven amp also works as a charm.
There's no EQ options but it's really not a necessity on this OD pedal.
The Sweet Honey has true bypass.

Sound So how does this sound like? Think natural tube amp overdrive, but with more control. It's excellent for 60's and 70's hard rock through a clean amp, and it's equally spotless when set to kick your amps gain into eleven.
Fans of Marshall "brown" sound will immediately take a liking to the natural organic overdrive and it has no problems driving a 100 watt head with ease.
As it is sensitive to your picking (if set so) it allows you to switch between soft, almost clean drive in arpeggios to more bite in the powerchords. It also responds well to volume knob adjustments.
I used to use the Vox Ice 9 for overdrive to supplement my Marshalls natural overdrive, but felt it didn't give me the sound I was after. With the Sweet Honey OD I can't see myself ever looking for a replacement.

Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive (video)

Reliability Solid as they come. Sensitive knobs, sturdy chassis, well soldiered electronics.

Customer Support Not dealt with.

Liked about it - Organic, true overdrive sound.
- Possibility to use as a clean boost as well as an over-driven boost.
- The Focus knob is a work of genius.

Didn't like Not a dislike per se, but it can be hard to find (Thoman in Europe and PGS in the US are good places to look) and it might open an expensive door to the world of Boutique pedals.

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By hp29
Dec 05, 2011
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Price: $104 to $104
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