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T-REX MAB Overdirve

Signature overdrive created by Danish pedal makers T-Rex for Michael Angelo Batio.

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Sweet sounding overdrive! featured

Ease Of Use Can not be any easier. Gain, Tone and volume and a blue led light when activated.
It has a true bypass, can be powered by 9V battery or power supply. Instruction manuals supplied but had no stock settings for you to emulate .

Sound Before anything I must stress that this is an overdrive and not a metal/shred head pedal pedal though endorsed by Batio.
I have been using this with my Fender Clapton and RG550 plugged into my Marshall JVM205H and 1960a.

It is very easy to get a good sound on it. I have currently set mine to Gain all the way up, Tone around 11 o'clock and level around 5 o'clock (this is when my amp is set to dirty).

On both guitars played through a clean channel, it gives you a warm, creamy, rich tone (fatter on the RG550), you can easily get blues to overdriven rock heaven.
This overdrive really stands out when played through your dirty channel, you can dial in some unbelievable tones, the sustain is lush! The tone thickens up without getting muddy, soloing on it it really stands out especially on your neck pickup.

I think this is a pedal which can be used by all types of players definitely worth trying its very versatile and easy to find a setting you will like.

I can't really compare to any other overdrive which I think is a good thing.

Reliability As always another reliable T-Rex product. I have had it for well over a year used nearly everyday and has never broken, still looks as awesome as it did when I first got it. Would definitely use without a backup.

Customer Support i have never dealt with T-Rex, as all the products I have purchased from them have been really reliable,

Liked about it 1. Versatility
2. Sustains for ever
3. The sounds you can get from it.

Didn't like Absolutely nothing this is one of my all time fav pedals.

Overall satisfaction:

By ashleighhhh
May 14, 2010
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