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TC Electronics Polytune Tuner

Manufacturer's Description for TC Electronic PolyTune Poly-Chromatic Pedal Tuner - The TC Electronic PolyTune is the world's first polyphonic tuner, and a game-changing total tuning turnaround that will have future guitarists wondering how we ever got by without it. - - Unprecedented, Once Thought Impossible: TC Electronic PolyTune - The magic of the TC Electronic PolyTune is in how unbelievably fast and easy to use it is. With the PolyTune, you can just strum all the strings on your guitar or bass simultaneously, and it'll tell you which ones need tuning. The PolyTune's advanced technology totally changes the way you tune, and does something previously thought impossible: the PolyTune allows players to tune every string simultaneously. It's even simpler than a standard tuner, and will get you back to playing faster than ever before. - - Strum - Tune - Rock With the TC Electronic PolyTune - - The TC Electronic PolyTune is an essential tool in live settings, where players need to be able to get ready to play as fast as possible. Crowds can be impatient, and nothing can ruin the flow of a live show faster than protracted tuning changes. Offstage, too, the TC Electronic PolyTune is invaluable for letting players get to playing in a shorter period of time. - - TC Electronic PolyTune: Fever Pitch - The TC Electronic PolyTune is just as effective for bass as for guitar, and is also adjustable to your needs. The reference pitch is selectable over a range of 435-445Hz. This guarantees that no matter what your playing environment, the PolyTune has you covered. - - Drop it like it's hot with the TC Electronic PolyTune - If you like to use dropped or alternate tunings, the TC Electronic PolyTune is a must-have. The PolyTune supports dropped tunings all the way down to B. Whether you dabble in DADGAD or palm-mute low C sharps, the TC Electronic PolyTune has got you covered, with accuracy within 1 cent plus/minus. - - TC Electronic PolyTune: Chromatic champion - If you're a traditionalist, TC still has you covered - the TC Electronic PolyTune has an onboard chromatic tuner comparable to the best pedal tuners on the market, with accuracy within .05 cents. The chromatic tuning section also has a few features to differentiate it. The TC Electronic PolyTune feature two separate tuning modes, a "magnet" feature that slows the needle down as it gets closer to on pitch, automatic settings storage, and detecting whether to use monophonic or polyphonic tuning depending on how many strings you play. - - TC Electronic PolyTune: Tuning as it should be - With the PolyTune, TC Electronic saw their chance to revolutionize the world of tuners, and eliminate some of the drawbacks that guitarists had long since accepted as unavoidable. Electronic tuners have existed for about 30 years or so - why wouldn't they advance like every other tool a guitarist uses? The TC Electronic PolyTune - PolyTune was our chance to build the ultimate tuning tool from the ground up and finally get rid of some of the current tuner drawbacks that guitarists run into time and time again. Tuners have been around for some 30 odd years and we felt it was high time they got in tune with todays guitarists. - - TC Electronic PolyTune: Design where beauty and technology meet - - But besides all the spearheading features inside the tuner, we took a long hard look at the outside as well, and pushed tuner design to new heights in the process! - - Innovative Display on the TC Electronic PolyTune - - Starting with the display, it instantly becomes clear why PolyTune is lightyears ahead of current tuners. Guitarists that play gigs, will no doubt recognize the nightmare of an unclear display, due to for example bright sunlight, an overeager light technician or a stage smoke machine gone bonkers. - - PolyTune offers unprecedented visibility using an ambient light sensor, which automatically matches the brightness of the LEDs to its surroundings. - - TC Electronic PolyTune: What is the Matrix? - - PolyTune features 17 LEDS which allow for a higher resolution and the LEDs themselves are super bright and focused to ensure optimal visibility at all times. This guarantees the most effortless tuning experience money can buy. And as an added bonus, the 100 LED matrix can give you information right on the display, so you won't have to go dig for the manual mid-gig. - - TC Electronic PolyTune: Size Matters - - PolyTune will brighten any pedalboard, and we aren't just talking about the LEDs! Besides looking like a million bucks, its small footprint design means that PolyTune doesn't take up more of your precious pedalboard real estate than absolutely necessary. - - Spruce the juice with the TC Electronic PolyTune - - Battery changes are a breeze thanks to the one-screw easy access to the battery compartment and when powered by an external 9v DC power supply, the 9v DC out can be used to power other pedals on your board. - - True Bypass on the TC Electronic PolyTune - - The true bypass feature ensures PolyTune is only there when you need it. It allows for your carefully sculpted tone to flow unaffected when the pedal is bypassed and for silent tuning once engaged. - - We can't make tuning fun. But we can sure make it a whole lot easier. - We want to do our part for the guitar community and truly innovate the life of guitarists. And with PolyTune's extraordinary features and cutting-edge technology, we feel we have accomplished just that. We are passionate guitarists ourselves and we work every single day to make all our lives easier and more rocking. We did it for multi-effects with G-Force, G-Major2, Nova System and G-System, we did it for stomp boxes with the Nova series, and now PolyTune is here to give tuning a much needed kick in the A440!

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Tuning revelation featured

Ease Of Use How hard can the use of a tuner get? Well, TC Electronics has actually made it easier. The Polytune offers both the traditional chromatic tuning function as well as the polytuning function.
Simply put; strum all strings and the display shows all strings in a horizontal line where green light indicates that the string is in tune and red lights over or under indicates that the string is either flat or sharp.
Pick the string that was indicated as flat or sharp and the display changes to the chromatic version that most guitarist is familiar with from the Boss TU-2 and 3 and also the Korg PitchBlack. The accuracy of the tuner is close to perfection, within 0.5 cent plus/minus. For reference, the Boss TU-2 has a +/- 3 cent accuracy.
Let's go into the details. The tuner is a perfect fit for any pedal board. The size is similar to the small MXR or the Boss stomp boxes, it has a jack in and jack out on the sides, has true bypass and turns silent when activated.
On the top you will find two 9v plugs. One in and one out, to power a second 9v driven stomp box. There is also a USB input, and I assume this can be used if TC Electronics will update the tuners software in the future (read: make the polytune function compatible for guitars and basses with more strings or drop tunings). There are also two small buttons, one that switches the display between the Polytune and the chromatic needle (one string at the time) both for guitars and bass. The second button is for tuning type. Standard EADGBE, down tuning in steps down two B and several alternate tunings.
The tuner comes with an informative manual, two velcro stickers for fastening the tuner to a pedal board. A TC Electronic sticker and a 9v battery. The battery compartment is easily accessed on the bottom side.

Sound The Polytune has true bypass and cuts the signal when activated.
The YouTube video shows the idea behind this tuner and explains the technical aspects more thoroughly.

Polyphonic Guitar Tuner (video)

Reliability The build quality seems great. Solid metal housing and a bright display that is easy to read. It also makes the tuning process a lot faster, which is mostly an issue for the live performers. When my band plugged in for rehearsals last night the other guitarist in my band plugged into his chromatic tuner, started with the low E and by the time he had gotten to the D string, I had strummed all my string, noted that all strings was in tune except the B string that was slightly flat and tuned it.

Customer Support Never dealt with TC Electronics.

Liked about it - The strum-and-tune function is fantastic. I never thought a tuner would ever excite me.
- Sets a new standard for accuracy in non-studio tuners (+/- 0.5 cent).
- Very responsive, which makes for fast tuning.

Didn't like Three essential things to know:
- No built-in microphone, so it can't be used with acoustic instruments.
- The polytune does not work with drop tuning or seven/eight strings guitars.
- No colour options for the colour blind.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Jan 05, 2011
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I love this tuner!

Ease Of Use There are thorough reviews above but I felt like chiming in here because I am so happy with this unit. I've only had the PolyTune for a week now but I am extremely happy with it so far and it has been very easy to use. Mine didn't come with a manual for some reason but I easily found a manual online on the TC Electronics site. With that said, I didn't really need the manual because it's pretty easy to figure out how to use the unit. It really is as easy as they say - strum, tune and rock.

I've been using a Boss TU-2 for years and was intrigued by the PolyTune so I went to my local Long & McQuade music store and traded in my TU-2 and walked out with the PolyTune and I am very happy that I did. The TU-2 tuner was ok but I always found it to be too jumpy with the readings. I expect tuners to be a little jumpy with readings (nature of the beast I guess) but with the Polytune I find that it responds much more to my liking and it's not not nearly as jumpy as the TU-2 or my little Korg unit.

Sound As indicated in a previous review, the Polytune is true-bypass and I didn't notice any difference in my tone when I added the unit to my pedalboard.

Reliability I've only had it for a week but it is in a metal casing and seems well built.

Customer Support I haven't had to deal with TC but I do like their website and it was easy to find the manual for the Polytune.

Liked about it 1) Easy to use
2) Tuning is faster and easier
3) It is more accurate than my previous Boss TU-2 tuner so I feel good about using it to set intonation, which I did not feel so good about when it came to the TU-2 because it was only accurate to +/- 3 cent accuracy but the Polytune is accurate to within 0.5 cent plus/minus.

I also found the needle too jumpy on the TU-2 and I am much happier with how the PolyTune responds.

Overall, I am very happy with this unit and would highly recommend it :)

Didn't like I don't use alternate tunings other than drop D so I can't think of anything that I personally don't like about this unit so far. Although it would be good for TC to come out with a firmware update to support more tunings and 7/8 string guitars.

Overall satisfaction:

By doriangrey
Jul 11, 2012
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Sets the bar for tuners a little higher

Ease Of Use The Polytune definitely excels in this area. Switching between multitune and single note tuning is as simple as strumming all of the strings at once vs picking just one string. Switching the multitune setting to down-tuned settings from 1/2 step down all the way to B and back up to standard tuning is as simple as pressing a button on the top of the pedal.

Sound The Polytune is true-bypass when turned off and I noticed no sound difference at all when adding it to my chain.

Reliability Time will tell but the Polytune has a very sturdy all-metal build and solid construction that I expect should last longer than most pedals. The battery compartment is accessed by removing the bottom of the pedal with a metal thumb screw meaning there is no plastic battery door to break off.

Customer Support I have not dealt with TC Electronic Support.

Liked about it - Speed - The Tuner operates quickly and accurately, especially in single string tuning mode.
- Accuracy - Although the multi-tune isn't quite as exact as tuning the strings individually it's still as accurate as most tuners out there. The accuracy in single string mode however is dead-on and should be perfectly suitable for intonation work if you don't have a ton of money to drop on a strobe tuner.
- Long-term reliability - In addition to the build quality, there is a usb port for future updates. It's obvious that TC really took their time on this and went out of their way to make a quality pedal that isn't easily outdated.

Didn't like - No alternate tuning support - Doesn't really affect me but some might consider this. Although you can down-tune all the way to B tuning you can't drop individual strings (ie: drop-D tuning). Although you can easily work around it by tuning to standard E tuning and then tuning the E string to D in single string mode (again, switching between modes is just strumming all strings vs one string).
- The multitune mode could be a little more accurate. Please understand though that I'm being rather picky about this. The multitune mode is fine and will get you in tune, sometimes I get a little OCD and tune the strings individually afterwards to get it perfectly in tune though. Who knows, this could improve later with software updates via the USB port.

Overall satisfaction:

By afmedic01 Mar 01, 2011
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