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Ebtech 2-Channel Line Level Shifter

The Line Level Shifter from Ebtech uses the physics of inductance and impedance matching to increase or decrease signal voltages without adding noise or employing active electronics. Allows a step up in volume approximately 11 decibels without adding system noise. It also converts back and forth between balanced and unbalanced signals automatically. And as a bonus, it...

Price: $61 to $89 at 2 stores
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Ebtech 2-Channel Line Level Shifter and Hum Eliminator

Ease Of Use This is an extremely easy piece of gear to use. Being passive, it requires no power. Simply plug in the connections in the correct direction to switch between -10db and +4db.

Sound No perceptible tone coloration or signal degredation. This piece of gear REMOVES problems instead of introducing them. No more adjusting levels to extremes because you have pedals and rack gear in the same loop.

Reliability Built like a tank and passive, so no electricity needed. Few moving parts, so very little to fail. Have been running it without a backup and will continue to do so.

Customer Support Never had a problem with any Morley or Ebtech product, so never had to call customer support.

Liked about it Extremely simple to use.
Solves an age-old problem--hum elimination is a bonus.
Built to last.

Didn't like Nothing

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By racerevlon
Dec 30, 2011
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Price: $61 to $89
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at 2 stores

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