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Vox Ice9 Overdrive

Loaded with personality, the Vox Ice 9 overdrive pedal is fourth in a series of effect pedals created in collaboration between world-renowned guitarist Joe Satriani and VOX. With two distinct overdrive modes, versatile tone-shaping, and the ever-popular "More" switch, the Ice 9 delivers a wide range of inspiring tones, yet remains remarkably easy to use. The name...

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Amazing tone featured

Ease Of Use The Vox Ice9 Overdrive pedal is the latest - but hopefully not the last - effect box from the Vox / Joe Satriani series. The design is similar to what we've seen both with the Time Machine and the Satchurator. Let's take a look at the Ice9;
In the box is the effect pedal and a manual. The manual gives you good information about the features as well as giving good tips on various settings. No power adapter is included, but it comes with a 9V battery.
The Ice9 has In and Out plugs, AC adapter plug, 4 characteristic chicken head knobs (Gain, Tone, Bass & Volume) a Toggle switch (Modern and Vintage) and two foot switches - On and More.
What makes this overdrive pedal stand out is the variety of different tones you can squeeze out of it due to the toggle switch and the Tone/Bass knobs.
The Toggle switch activates a germanium diode when set to Modern, which gives you more aggressive and powerful overdrive compared to the warmer and milder Vintage setting.
The overall volume is sensitive to the equalizer so a good tip is to find your sound first and then adjust the volume knob last. I first set it up with the volume identical to my Satchurator, but the Ice9 was much louder so I had to adjust it.

Sound My set-up for this review was an Ibanez RG370DX through the Big Bad Wah, Satchurator, Ice9, Micro POG, Volume pedal, RF-1 Reflector and the Time Machine to a Marshall MR 6100 ML head and JCM900 1960 A cabinet.
I play a lot of covers, so for me it's important to have different sounds. With the Ice9 I drastically changed my tone to the better compared to playing 70's hard rock with distortion instead of overdrive. You have all the options from vintage, slightly overdriven sounds to the more modern and in-your-face aggression.
The More switch adds 14dB and is excellent for soloing, but I've also gotten good sounds from activating my Satchurator on top of the Ice9 in solo parts. Just make sure that the volumes are as equal as possible so one effect doesn't drown the other.
What was very noticeable was the amount of bass you can get out of the Ice9. Even at low settings the bass is coming through clearly and makes the rhythm sections stand out in the mix.

The Ice9 does not have true bypass, but I could not notice any sound altering or noise when it was not in use.

For sound samples, go to

Reliability The Ice9 seems very sturdy and reliable. As the equalizing seems to effect the volume make sure you memorize the different settings before taking it to a gig if you're going to change the settings for different songs.

Customer Support Not dealt with Vox.

Liked about it 1 - The versatility.
There's a huge specter of overdrive sounds in this box.
2 - The design.
The Satriani series is just so damned good looking on top of having a fantastic sound.
3 - The price.

Didn't like As mentioned, adjusting the EQ might affect the volume output as well. Not really a minus, just something to keep in mind.
Some might also dislike it's size as it's bigger than the standard Boss stomp boxes, but I believe the quality of the Ice9 is more than good enough to justify a spot on a pedal board.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Sep 29, 2010
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This will knock your Vox off!

Ease Of Use Similar in style to its fiery red brother the Satchurator, the cool white Ice 9 overdrive pedal is a class act to follow. No power adapter is included, but it does come with a 9V battery which helps to get you rocking right out of the box.

There are 4 funky chicken head knobs (Gain, Tone, Bass & Volume) a Toggle switch to select between Modern and Vintage voicings and two silent running foot switches.The smooth bluesy overtones generated from this pedal are straight up awesome. And when you hit the second (boost) switch the pedal screams. The wide range of overdrive able to be dialed in a nice change from other pedal manufacturers and it leaves you jamming away feeling that you have truly got your moneys worth.

Sound I love to plug in my Fender Strat (loaded with Fender Custom shop vintage '54 pickups) tweak the gain to about 3, load up the tone control to mid way, cut some juice from the bass control and pump up the volume and blaze out some Hendrixesque sounds. Not to mention the sound some lovely Satriani sounds.

Reliability Like most pedals from Vox this one is built to a high quality standard. I have this pedal for a number of months and have had no issues thus far.

Liked about it 1. Easily obtainable warm bluesy sounds
2. The wide adjustment range of the G/T/B/V contols.
3. The boost rocks!

Didn't like I don't know why so many manufacturers these days opt for a plastic battery cover. It just seems to be the one piece that always fails. Please make it metal.

Overall satisfaction:

By Wolfram
Apr 24, 2011
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