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Vox amPlug Lead Featured

The amPlug - the tiniest practice amp you'll ever see, from VOX.

Price: $22 to $47 at 17 stores
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The VOX amPlug - a cheap alternative to a good sounding amp featured

Ease Of Use The VOX amPlug is indeed a wonder on its own. It has 3 knobs - Volume, Gain, and Tone. And yet, so much fun can be had with it. The Lead (this specific blue-tinted model I'm reviewing) is oriented towards rock 'n' roll/metal leads, and features a built in (and non-adjustable) delay and reverb. You *CAN* turn the effect off, completely, if you find it just a bit over the top (and it sometimes is) to practice to either silence, or a backing track. It features an AUX IN for that very purpose. There's a headphone socket (or whatever you want to call it) for your headphones that you may use as a line out to plug into your computer's soundcard (which is what I do), but you can also simply use it with a pair of decent headphones. It certainly saves a LOT of hassle not having to plug it in and not tripping on those God-awful wires. Just plug it in, and that's that. So you basically need a few things - for the most basic setup, that'll last you - a guitar, the amPlug, 2 rechargeable AAA batteries (with longevity in mind, so you don't have to run out and spend money on new batteries every time), a pair of headphones, and most likely a pick. :P Or if you're feeling fancy, add a 3,5mm cable in the mix, for insertion into your sound card.

Sound I generally use it with the Tone set at 8-10, Gain at about 4, and Volume at around 4-5. By virtue of reference, I'm going to mention that I play an Ibanez GRG 170M-BKN. Awful AWFUL stock pickups, so I can't tell if the highest gain setting (10) sounds like crap because of the amplug, or if it's because of my pickups; however, I can say that a setting of 7 should suffice even for Metallica, with crappy pickups. It CANNOT do crunch, or the blues, because it seems to break up, and sound rather... not so good. It lacks finesse. But if you want gain, and a lead sound, this baby delivers. Harmonics are oh-so-sweet, the sustain is pretty decent, and really increases adequately once you bump up the gain, and... well... if you wanna play rock 'n roll, get THIS instead of a cheap practice amp - those cannot do high-gain or any kind of good distortion. You'll get demoralized and want to slice your fingers off, or something. Get this, learn to control the distortion, and then save up and buy a decent amp. This has what most practice amps lack - good distortion.

Reliability Dependable? Outside the bedroom? Maybe. But definitely NOT gigging material. It's rather frail, since it's made of plastic, and I'm sure a good smack would turn it into microchips or something.

Customer Support I have not dealt with the company - since it hasn't broken. And I intend to keep it that way.

Liked about it Good distortion
* Cheap and AWESOME for that price
* While not tube distortion, it's THE place to start practicing with distortion, and pinch harmonics and the like
* A 4th: if you're feeling brave, you may use it as a distortion pedal in an otherwise cruddy practice amp - it will not be ideal, but it will certainly dish out higher quality distortion

Didn't like Rather frail - one would think a durable aluminium would suffice just as good as the plastic
* The delay and reverb could have had separate knobs for the settings - the reverb is nigh-on CONCERT HALL sometimes
* The shape is quite awkward if your output jack is on the side of the body, rather than on the body (think Les Paul as opposed to SG)

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By DanteGuitar
Feb 08, 2010
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Price: $22 to $47
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