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ZVex Fuzz Factory

The ZVex Fuzz Factory is one of the earliest pedals invented by Zachary Vex and continues to be his most popular. It is the heir to the throne of the classic Germanium fuzz boxes of the past, even using New Old Stock Germanium transistors from the sixties. From this basic concept Mr. Vex went nuts and added an unheard of level of control over all aspects of the tone,...

Price: $85 to $371 at 19 stores
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Definately a Must Try, featured

Ease Of Use Complicated, but if you go to the ZVEX site and get the cheat sheet for tones that gives you all you need, then the more you use it the easier it gets..

Sound I never cared much for fuzz when I played with them, tried a variety from cheapo's to fuzz face etc.. I always liked it when I heard others use it but just couldn't get the Tone I desired. Then went to get a guitar from a local guy and he had a FF Vexter, instant love at first sound... I bought it and the Ibz S7420 and went home, learned to use it at the Zvex site, I didn't like the trem on the S7420 and a buddy had a Lopro edge 7 that he traded me for the FF Vexter, so I bought a hand painted Fuzz Factory and won't trade it... I learned my lesson after getting rid of the first one. Best Fuzz to my ear that I've tried and I've tried a lot of them.

Reliability No issues or even a tiny blip, low power use so it's like a timex
chpped and aboused but it just keeps going

Customer Support Never dealt with the people directly but they do have a very good
site for explaining their pedals

Liked about it Tone for days
will do everything a fuzz is supposed to and a lot lot more.
Great website so you can figure out how to get the knobs all in the right spot

Didn't like I hate the Box layout, it's a sideways skinny box with 5
knobs and a footswitch that if used on a dark stage could cause
a fatal error on the guitar players part. No power input which also
makes it a pedal board pain since you have to remove the input to keep
from draining the battery..

Overall satisfaction:

By ChrisPcritter
Nov 25, 2010
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Price: $85 to $371
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at 19 stores

A crazy fuzz with a lot of unique sounds featured

Ease Of Use The ZVez Fuzz Factory is a very unique, versatile, and awesome fuzz pedal. Its only downfall in my opinion is its difficulty in getting what you want out of it at first. First off, there are 5 controls that are all very temperamental and interactive. In other words, turning on knob with effect what the other knobs can achieve, so there is a pretty steep learning curve. Also the controls themselves can seem a little cryptic in their function, but once you spend enough time with the pedal, you will get the hang of what they do. Once you have a hold on the pedal, the knobs start to seem very intuitive and getting great sounds becomes second nature. I liken this pedal to a Mark series Boogie amp as far as function; it may take a while to get the hang of it, but once you do you will appreciate the sheer amount of sounds you can get.

Sound I am using this pedal with either a Gibson Les Paul or a Fender EJ Strat through an Egnater Mod 50 head with the Bassman and SL2 modules. For cabinets I use either a Mesa or Marshall 4x12. Due to its ability to achieve pretty much any fuzz tone to you can think of, you may even think of selling your other fuzz pedals, like I did. Soundwise, this pedal can do a lot of different tones. At first, you will probably end up with an 'exploding amp' sound and quickly disengage the pedal. This happened to me and I had my amp way too loud, so I got quite a scare. Once you start to get the hang for what the controls do, you will surprise yourself with the sounds you can make with this pedal, your guitar, and your amp. My personal favorite is the velcro fuzz effect or what I like to call the 'Contra Explosion' effect where you can make some pretty believable Nintendo sounds. I suggest you start with this pedal on the clean channel of your amp. You can even get the Eric Johnson sort of fuzz thing if you add this on top of an already distorted tone. As far as noise, well, this pedal is noisy but it is supposed to be. With a fuzz, you are going to get that nasty, raspy, crazy sound, but that is a given with this type of effect.

Reliability It is made extremely well. I don't gig with mine since it is the handpainted version. I use it in the studio pretty much exclusively.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them, but they have a great website with lots of cool videos.

Liked about it Crazy sounds
Super versatile
Awesome hand painted enlosure

Didn't like Difficult to get a usable sound at first
Very expensive
Not a subtle pedal

Overall satisfaction:

By Severinsteelsmit
Dec 22, 2009
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Price: $85 to $371
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at 19 stores

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