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Zoom G2

The ZOOM G2 Effects Pedal features an all-metal chassis, ZOOM's new, ultra-fast 32-bit processor with the speed and power to take the best sounding classic amps and SAMPLE THEM AT 96kHz.

Price: $49 to $105 at 4 stores
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Zoom G2 the small tank featured

Ease Of Use Nothing is easier than it. Read its manual for once, that's it.

Sound The clean sounds are really good,very sensitive to the strenght you pick.
About hi gain sounds, they're good but very digital.
It has a boss OD and acoustic simulators which sound good.
About hi gain sounds, they're good but very digital.
Of course digital heavy distortions always sound muddy still this one is better than digitech ones.


Chorus and delay are good.
Pitch shifter is in tune.
Flanger is good and the Wah is bad.
Spring reverb is good too but far away from being the best out there.
ZNR is very good.
It has a drum machine with some beats.

Very cool pedal for practicing and composing. Startes will love it.

g2 lead.mp3

g2 heavy.mp3

g2 clean.mp3

Reliability No problems.

Liked about it 1- Price

2- Built like a tank

3- Unbeatible in its price range

Didn't like 1- It should have a better display

Overall satisfaction:

By 6fingers
Nov 17, 2009
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Price: $49 to $105
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at 4 stores

I'm not a fan...

Ease Of Use It's very easy to use - clicking left and right - the drum machine is easy to use too. I could just never get my head around what the other knobs did. I was 13/14 at the time of owning this and so I didn't care too much about editing the sounds, I just played. I would say it looks more complicated than it is.

Sound I must admit, I used the G2 with crappy amps and as such the sound wasn't up to much, though, the G2 improved the sound a great deal.
The effects are actually quite crap when used with a good amp, which is a shame because I payed a lot of money for this unit (£79). I only used the few effects that I liked anyway - It worked for me.

Reliability I don't rate it much with respect to reliability. The stomp buttons were unresponsive and I had to stomp fairly hard, or more than once to get it to change.
It never broke though.

Customer Support Never dealt with Zoom.

Liked about it The tuner - Very useful to have. You could disconnect the amp and tune it with just the unit.
Plug your headphones in and go! - You don't need an amp to practice with the Zoom G2. Just plug headphones into the output hole and away you go. I used to practice late at night like this :)
Much preferable to buying loads of Boss pedals - Boss pedals are so expensive. Why buy loads of them when you can have the same effects with the Zoom G2?

Didn't like The price - Way too expensive. I'd prefer to have payed £55 for what I got. You can get so much better for around the same price as a new G2.
Variation of volume - Sometimes, when I used 2 effects in one song, there would be a large volume difference between the 2 sounds. I found it very difficult to get right and often had to stop playing and turn down/up because I was drowing out/being drowned out by the rest of the band.

Overall satisfaction:

By TheYoungGuitaris
Feb 21, 2010
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Price: $49 to $105
Compare Prices
at 4 stores

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