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Zoom G92TT

Multieffects floor processor with 2 tubes and two expression pedals.

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Twin Tube Monster Multieffects Processor featured

Ease Of Use This multieffects system does require some reading to figure out how to tweak settings and presets to your liking, but is pretty quick to figure out afterwards. I really like this multieffects system because it sounds so much like some of my old 80's tube preamps.

I found that many the presets on this system sounded great right out of the box. The one thing that sets this system apart from it's competitors is the two tubes that it has. Each tube is controlled by two knobs. The first tube called the Accelerator controls the amount of tube and solid state distortion you apply to the preset. You can use all tube and no solid state, or vice versa, or a blend of the two. I personally liked the tube up about half way and the solid state off.

The second tube is called the Energizer. The two knobs that control it are the tube and boost knobs. I found that I liked the boost close to being off and the tube up about 1/3 of the way.

No matter what combination you use with the tubes you also have several knobs at the top to control the gain, level, treble, mids, bass and presence of any preset. With this and the knobs controling the two tubes you have an endless amount of adjustability with any preset. And since this system is an amp modeler you have many amps to choose from.

Editing patches are fairly simple once you look at the manual to see how Zoom lays it's controls out and the process of rediting patches. The manual is straight forward and easy to read. You may find yourself making your own patches from scratch because many the presets from the factory sound awesome as they are already. Just like all products that come with presets there will be some on this system that you like more than others.

The two expression pedals is another huge plus in my book. You can send any effect to any pedal. However, Zoom didn't just give two expression pedals. They actually gave it three. The pedal on the right has the ability to go up and down independently from twisting side to side.

This system is also computer friendly so you can hook it up to your computer via USB and record, edit patches, save patches on your computer, and install new patches that you find on the internet.

Sound I play mainly Ibanez guitars. I'm currently playing a RG1550 Prestige with stock pickups and an old Crate combo amp. The Zoom isn't noisy at all. It's very quiet unit.

I like the Satriani preset as well as my personal patches that I created using a Marshall amp model and a Peavey 5150 model. Those three presets are what I've been playing lately. The rectifier model is currently calling my name, but I haven't had time to make a patch with it yet.

The tubes provide a very organic sound that only analog tubes can give you. If you like the old 80's preamps from Digitech, ADA and Art, you're going to love this system. It's like taking the best of those old preamps, mixing it with the option to add solid state distortion along with todays technology.

The amp that's built in to the system can push loud volumes, so it could be used in small clubs with only a cabinet. It's also pretty simple to add a power amp or hook it up to a PA system for larger venues. No matter what you're going to be using it for it's going to have the power to give you a huge sound. Every effect onboard sounds great.

Speaking of effects, this Zoom system has a huge array of effects to choice from and customize to your liking. You've got distortion pedals, reverbs, delays, flangers, phasers, wahs, etc. And if you can't find what you're looking for then you can always add your favorite effects in the external loop that it has.

Reliability Zoom products have come a long way since the early 80s. This unit is built like a tank and has never messed up at all. I would trust it completely without a back up.

Customer Support I've never had to deal with customer support.

Liked about it I love the tubes! You really hear that organic sound from the tubes as well as the response you get from tubes. The presets sound great and it's super quiet. Plus you get 3 expression pedals to play with. With the knobs controlling the tubes you get an endless amount of adjustability with any preset.

Didn't like My first multieffects processor was a Digitech GNX4 which I still love and play today. Since it was my first I tend to be partial to it. To compare the GNX4 to this Zoom would be like comparing apples to oranges. They both accomplish the same thing, but each have features that the other does not.

One thing I would like to see changed with this unit is the ability to model cabinets. The only option you have is using the cabinet model which you can only change by where the virtual mic is placed, or not using the cabinet model. I would like the ability to choose a cabinet model and adjust the frequency responses as I can with the GNX4.

I prefer the manual mode so that I can turn on and off effects. When you power the unit on it's automatically put in preset mode so when you step on a switch the system changes to the next preset. You have to purposely change it to manual mode. I'd like to see the system remember this so when I go to use it again it's already in manual mode.

The screen could be a bit larger as well. It does offer all the information that it needs to, but something larger would be nice.

Overall satisfaction:

By courtney2018
Nov 18, 2009
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