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Carl Martin Rock Drive

Musical Instruments

Price: $115 to $160 at 2 stores
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ts-808 has competition featured

Ease Of Use O.k. i got the pedal from Carl Martin the other day and hey it's christmas ,and since i didn't get anything i would give it a try. Glad i did .It took me about 30 minutes to dial in a really good tone through my Laney vc50 all tube amplifier.Here's the settings (gain 6th dot clockwise,attack 3 dots clockwise, edge 1 dot clockwise, and finally level 5 and 1 half clockwise). This gave me a Steve Ray Vaugn sound on my clean channel and it sounds wickedly wet and sonic. On the lead channel it gave me a wholenother world of distortion .It's like the same as my lead channel but gives it a sparkely clean kinda beefed up tone and not a british sound it is hard to explain , more like Nirvinas good lithium ditortion. Its a great sound and doesn't change the dynamics of my amp just enhances them. I truly feel this is the ts-808 of the new age.I hated my amps sound it was too bright, or too dull and bassy ,no happy middle. This pedal fixed that. I flattened my eq on my amp and put the drive all the way up ,and gain all the way up .With out the pedal it was muddy but better sound than before then with the pedal omg nice.

Sound Well i think i explained the sound above, in the ease of use area but here's some more. On the clean channel of my amp with the above settings is blues heaven exactly like s.r.v, but you need to use the neck pickup,the bridge is too flat which may be my guitar. It's a 1996 Dean Elite x.But on the neck i get classic rock blues tones so nice. Then on the lead channel i use the bridge pickup which gives the pedal a new more modern dynamic but with a classic rock potential . The pedal is sensative to my playing and i can moderate the intensity of the gain with ease with just my hands on the guitar. I would recommend this pedal for anyone who is in to everything but metal, but on the other hand i havn't tried it with a Mesa triple either . So,i do know it enhances the sound of your amp without changing the quality of the sound it just adds another depth or level of whats there.

Reliability I just recieved the pedal .And it looks very rugged ,it's metal and has nice metal input jacks , a led light, and nice cushiony bottom under the steel.There is no battery compartment to be found ,although the manual says it's a 9v. battery powered pedal with a power jack. Unless i have to take the screws out of the bottom ,i see no battery. But luckily i had a 9v. adapter for my wha pedal which worked fine. The paint looks thick and industrial. And who would have thought Denmark would know how to build such an American sounding pedal. Nice job guys.

Customer Support I never had to deal with Carl Martin , but im sure an email would do the trick.

Liked about it Obviously i like the sound of the pedal. Like i said a s.r.v sound for a lot less than the original ts-808 pedal.
And it can go from classic rock to a hard rock Nirvana or Poison guitar sound.It was alot more than i expected because it was free to me for reviewing it, so i didn't really know or ever hear of Carl Martin before, but im glad i do now. I really couldn't put my guitar down for playing the blues for about an hour haha.It's got a special quality, unlike alot of other pedals iv'e used before. They usally sound too harsh , fake , or too distorted and lose all the qualities of the amp in the process. This one is by far an oppisite to that. It is hard to explain but its like a boost after the amps loudest boost but doesn't produce noise, just more of the amps great tone and tube sounds.

Didn't like Well as bad as i have to say it. I couldn,t find the battery compartment,and if it is in the pedal i would have to take out screws to put one in and that's not for me. The manual says 9v battery powered so it must be.
Other than that which is not a real big deal because i will use adapters anyway for power i cant find anything else to dislike, but if they could add the plastic type battery doors would be nice.Since it is a rock pedal don't expect it to do metal unless your amp can. Then im sure this will enhance the metal sound nicely too.

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By andrewsfury
Dec 25, 2009
Last updated: December 27, 2009
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Price: $115 to $160
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