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DigiTech Artist Series- Brian May Pedal Featured

Musical Instruments

Price: $8 to $17 at 4 stores
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Brian May in a Box. featured

Ease Of Use This is an awesome pedal, few knobs but a world of versatility.
Gain, Treble, Mod, Level,and Pickup type controls all very responsive are lowered from the foot control.
7 modes in green mode, and 7 modes in red mode, certain modes make use of the wah type filter function on the pedal.
Thick instruction manual that tells about all modes and controls. My pedal is stock and it should stay that way.
Overall getting a sound you like or one identical to May's is just a tweak away.

Sound I use this amp with a valveking 112, a Gb Diablo 100, a peavey classic 50 and a slew of others, I'd always use this pedal on the clean channel, You can get convincing triplet effects, acoustic, and even the solo tones from Bohemian Rhapsody with the ease of using a stomp box. These digitech artist series pedals are much easier to set than a true multi effects unit, but the expense of simplicity keeps it from being used in all modes in one song. (there is a footswitch for it available)
The effects are all splendid and can make even the crappiest amp sound like fuzzy heaven, or better yet the "Deacy" amp. My favorite modes are the two Bohemian Rhapsody solo modes....killer, responsive and the ability to play at such a low volume unlike a true Vox ac30.
There is also a control that calibrates the levels for what type of pickup you are using.

Reliability The power suplly unit crapped out on me afer a year, but a lot of Digitech supplie have, thats certainly not good though since this pedal doesn't use batteries.

Customer Support Only dealt with digitech once, about a power supply and they were very helpful.

Liked about it -Very authentic sounding
-Cool aesthetics
-Cool accesories too.

Didn't like -Kind of large and heavy
-Knobs are kind of small

Overall satisfaction:

Oct 08, 2009
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Price: $8 to $17
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at 4 stores

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