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Digitech Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion

SC-2 Valve Distortion turns up the heat. The SC-2 Valve Distortion gives you two types of harmonically charged distortion tones: Crunch and Saturated. The Crunch Mode gives you all the crunch you need with mids that cut through onstage. Saturated Mode adds extra gain for maximum sustain making it ideal for solos. As with all HardWire pedals, the SC-2 is crafted from...

Price: $37 to $79 at 12 stores
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its a distortion pedal

Ease Of Use This pedal requires some tweaking to get that fat, juicy distortion that everyone wants. The knobs are simple and very responsive. There is a level, high range, low range, and a gain dial. also there is a switch between a crunch and saturated sound. This pedal plays well with others, and takes up very little space on the pedal boards.
the crunch/saturated switch is hard to flip while standing up

Sound I play my american lace sensor strat into this, into a chorus pedal of the same line by digitech, into a mesa/boogie studio .22 combo. The sound is very raw, but kind of the 'classic' distortion found on many old classic rock albums.

What i dont like about this pedal is that it leaves me wanting 'more'. If there was an overdrivepedal in this series that provided a similar sound with a 'more' option, then I would buy it in a heartbeat

Reliability This pedal, as far as i can tell, is pretty sturdy. I've never gigged with it though

Customer Support never dealt with digitech

Liked about it crunch/saturation option
'classic' sound

Didn't like needs more oopmh
hard to switch between crunch and saturated without having to bend down on stage

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By DownHomeRock
Apr 05, 2011
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Price: $37 to $79
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