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Electro-Harmonix Classics USA Big Muff PI Distortion / Sustainer Guita...

Musical Instruments

Price: $70 to $79 at 2 stores
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Nice Distortion Fuzz Pedal but a little to sterile for me

Ease Of Use Three knobs not to hard to figure out, volume, tone, and sustain.

Sound Used with either my Strat clone or Jem7DBK through a pignose G40v.

A classic distortion tone that borders on Fuzzy land. I wanted to like this pedal but I couldn't dial in a sound that I was thoroughly impressed with. Often times the distortion seemed too sterile, it was a little too smooth. This was my first EH pedal and maybe I was expecting something different little dirtier from the big muff. The Fuzz tones you can pull out of it are a tad boring. If you are looking for crazy fuzz tone than this is not for you. I ended up selling it after a few months and am looking for more of a dirty fuzz pedal. I have a Vox Satchurator for my primary distortion needs.

Reliability Seemed rock solid as expected for made in USA.

Liked about it Nice construction
Big knobs nice for foot adjustment
Ease of use

Didn't like Didn't vibe with the overall sound.
Fuzz is too sterile

Overall satisfaction:

By megawzrd
Jan 13, 2010
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Price: $70 to $79
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at 2 stores

still around because its good.

Ease Of Use can't get any easier...knobs with labels, big enough to turn w/your foot.

Sound every time i plug into one of these, i am transported back to 1979, the first time i used a dist. pedal, which was a muff fuzz...

Reliability indestructible

Customer Support Huh ??? never had to.

Liked about it good case, beefy knobs...

Didn't like bottom end is weak, feedback is always around the corner, but hey sometimes, that's cool, right ???

Overall satisfaction:

By mtldad
Mar 21, 2010
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Price: $70 to $79
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at 2 stores

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