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Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone Phase Shifter Guitar Effects Pedal

Musical Instruments

Price: $51 to $71 at 3 stores
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Great little phaser in a compact chassis featured

Ease Of Use Pedals don't come much more straightforward than the Nano Small Stone. The same electronics as the regular Small Stone, this one is crammed into the EHX Nano (i.e. really small) chassis. Standard 1/4" in and out jacks, 9V power from a battery or mains adaptor are just as you would expect. It's worth noting that, like all the EHX Nano pedals, you'll need a screwdriver to get the backplate off for battery access.

Controls are a single Rate knob and a Colour switch, so you won't be reaching for the manual in a hurry.

Sound The Small Stone treads similar ground to the (equally compact) MXR Phase 90. With clean or distorted tones, the Rate knob will get you from gentle swirls, through EVH-style 80s sounds and on to OTT jet engine noises.

Engaging the Colour switch adds a lot of additional depth to the effect. Your mileage may vary with this - on some amps it sounded great, opening up the sound and making everything sound huge. On other amps it added a nasty (to my ears), booming, hollow overtone when engaged.

If you're thinking about a Phase 90 or EVH Phase 90, give the Small Stone a go. It may lose out in the funky paintjob stakes but it's definitely not a poor second best when it comes to sounds.

Reliability There's very lttle to go wrong and the cast chassis is as rugged as you'd want. I wouldn't worry about packing a spare for this one.

Customer Support I've never had to deal with EHX for any of their products.

Liked about it - It sounds great in a variety of styles
- It's cheap
- It's compact, so you can find a home for it on the most cramped of pedalboards
- It's simple to set up. No messing around to find the "magic" settings

Didn't like - Depending on your amp, the Colour switch may not play nice
- The footswitch can feel a bit scratchy and cheap (it's True Bypass, though, if that matters to you)
- Brown paint on an effects pedal? Really?

Overall satisfaction:

By MarkE
Jan 11, 2010
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Price: $51 to $71
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at 3 stores

Super 70's Phaser!

Ease Of Use Very easy to use. Plug it in and dial in the amount of phase. Hit the color switch and broaden the spectrum a bit for beautiful swirling tones.

Sound I'm not one of these guys who insist that the only good pedals are older pedals or that you need some mod to make a pedal sound better. Maybe on some pedals a good mod is a subjective thing. I too was looking at the EVH Phase 90 and the regular Phase 90 but the Small Stone has an excellent pedigree in its own right. The Small Stone doesn't sound exactly like a Phase 90 but, in a way, it gets you close to the same place by going a different route. It has a bit more color I think than the Phase 90; a funkier 70's vibe in a way. It's great for accenting metal, grunge, and other aggressive styles of music but sounds brilliant when you bring it back and go for that soulful David Gilmour-like lead. It's also great for reggae and experimental tones too. There's a vid out there from Pro Shops where they play "Hole In My Life" by The Police which sounds awesome. That song example is played through the old larger Small Stone but in my opinion the smaller version sounds the same if not better.

Reliability Sturdy! Solid metal construction. Definitely gig worthy too!

Customer Support Never had to deal with EHX.

Liked about it Sound - more 70's and funkier, though it does sound great for rock and metal too.
Compact size.
Price! In my opinion you get an equal or better pedal than the EVH Phase 90 for $50 less!

Didn't like Easier access to the battery compartment would be nice.
Otherwise I have nothing bad to say about this pedal.

Overall satisfaction:

By mike570
Jul 30, 2011
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Price: $51 to $71
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at 3 stores

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