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Electro-Harmonix Nano Soul Preacher Compressor / Sustainer Guitar Effe...

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Price: $78 to $98 at 2 stores
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Good things come in small packages featured

Ease Of Use The Soul Preacher is a simple stompbox compresor in the EHX Nano (i.e. it's very small) chassis. Like most pedals, it runs from a 9V battery or a standard mains adaptor. Connections are a simple In and Out.

Controls are equally straightforward. The Attack switch gives you 3 options for the attack speed of the unit, i.e. how quickly it responds to your playing. [Sustain] sets the amount of compression applied and [Vol] sets the amount of make-up gain added to the compressed signal. No need for the instructions, just plug in and start playing.

Sound Good compressors are very subtle things and they work best in small doses.

Hit the Preacher with a clean tone, with the knobs set halfway and the Attack switch on [Med] and start playing some arpeggiated chords. The compressor evens out the levels of the notes so that everything sounds more balanced. Let a chord ring and switch the pedal on and off as the sound decays to hear how the signal is being boosted. Switch the attack to [Fast] and play some chopped, funky chords and the compressor clamps down fast for that classic tight, clicky sound.

Switch to a distorted tone and your notes again sustain longer without any additional distortion. Fast attack adds definition to high-speed neck pickup runs. Normally, make-up gain is used to balance the signal after the compressor robs some volume by doing its thing. If you want a solo boost, however, crank up the [Vol] knob for some extra level.

Set with high [Sustain] and [Fast] attack, it's obvious you've got a compressor in the signal path as the attack of the notes is rapidly squashed. Max out the [Vol] knob and there will be additional noise (it's a gain control, after all). Resist the temptation to max everything out and use more subtle settings and the Soul Preacher is transparent.

Reliability Rugged, die-cast chassis and simple construction mean that you'd have to be trying pretty hard to kill it. I wouldn't worry about needing a backup.

Customer Support No problems, so I haven't needed to contact EHX.

Liked about it - It's simple. No messing around for ages trying to find the Magic Combination Of Settings for good results.
- It's transparent when set sensibly.
- It's tiny. Easy to find a home for, even on an overcrowded pedalboard.

Didn't like - Simplicity and small size should equal lower price, and the Soul Preacher is more expensive than some of its Nano chassis siblings (e.g. the Small Clone chorus and Small Stone phaser), even if it's comparable with the Boss CS-3.
- 3 fixed Attack settings may be restrictive for some players.
- Umm, the name is a bit naff?

Overall satisfaction:

By MarkE
Dec 28, 2009
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Price: $78 to $98
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