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Electro-Harmonix XO Holy Grail Plus Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

Following on the legendary Holy Grail, the Holy Grail Plus redefines performance reverb. A graceful Room Reverb has been added with a multi-function knob that gives you time, damping and modulation control. The amazing Flerb is expanded to give the ...

Price: $122 to $147 at 2 stores
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Killer reverb! featured

Ease Of Use Four settings, spring, hall, room, flerb. Each setting sounds great, flerb is less practical, but good for special effect. I was not happy with the reverb on my Mesa Boogie, and this more than cured it. True bypass switching. I noticed no noise, just a lush reverb sound, which you can tweak to your taste with the blend and amount controls.

Sound I ran this into my board (after all effects including, wah, octave fuzz, whammy, robotalk, and tremolo) then into a Mesa Boogie F30. It sounded great (I say sounded because I sold the F30, and was happy with the reverb on it's replacement-Alchemist). When combined with the metal muff I got a great Satriani tone. Any setting was musical, with the spring cranked, it was surf city. The hall setting was great with distortion for an epic tone.

Reliability Never had a problem with it.

Customer Support Never dealt with company.

Liked about it I liked the fact that you could control the amount of reverb and the dry/wet blend. I liked the fact that each reverb was usable. Finally, I like that it is true bypass!

Didn't like There is nothing I would change about this pedal.

Overall satisfaction:

By Robotalk
Oct 25, 2009
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Price: $122 to $147
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