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Electro-Harmonix XO Holy Stain Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Musical Instruments

Price: $91 to $115 at 2 stores
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Decent Reverb for the money featured

Ease Of Use I got my Holy Stain used and just for reverb. I was surprised how well it does some other things other than reverb. It has planty of tweaking knobs and I tend not to read manuals, although EH's manuals are very good. I like to tweak things on my own. The pitch shift can be fun although I don't use it much. I wasn't happy with the distortion, but I wasn't looking for distortion in a reverb pedal. Tremolo is a bit limited as well, but for a multieffect it would get me through in a pinch. I was more than happy with the reverb on this one though.

Sound I have been using this in a minimilist setup, I use it in front of my Egnater Rebel 20 (not through the loop) which is not always preferred for reverb, but it works for me there. Again I really only use it for reverb and to switch to another effect live would take some tweaking as it doesn't have memory presets. This effect did not add any noise to me system.

Reliability EH's stuff is built like a tank. I would never need a backup for it.

Customer Support I haven't had to call EH in a long time, when I did call many many years ago I got help very quickly

Liked about it 1. Nice reverb sound
2. Extra effects for free!
3. Low price, affordable

Didn't like The additional effects are not all that tweakable.
Distortion effect was not all that great

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By torgeot
Nov 11, 2009
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Price: $91 to $115
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at 2 stores

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